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Law roundup: Man shoots himself in the knee

by Daily Inter Lake
| November 10, 2022 12:00 AM

A 26-year-old was putting a 10 mm 1911 pistol in his backpack when it went off and a round struck him in the knee. He was advised to stop walking on his leg when he said he was looking for something to treat the injury. Feeling OK, he sat down and put pressure on the wound. Officers with the Kalispell Police Department arrived and applied a tourniquet until emergency responders could take him to the hospital.

A woman reported losing her wedding ring. She described the ring as being white gold with a diamond in the middle and three diamonds on each side.

Three transients were drinking from tallboys and panhandling outside a store, making a man feel “generally unsafe.” Officers made contact with them and they poured out their drinks.

A man in a blue coat was allegedly following, yelling at and pushing a woman in a pink onesie. Officers made contact with the couple, determined the exchange was verbal and counseled them.

A busybody was suspicious about a U-Haul going to a house between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. for a couple of months. Officers patrolled the area and did not see a U-Haul or anything suspicious.

Someone called 911 informing dispatch to “stop harassing the homeless” and that their butts “are getting sued” before hanging up.

Meanwhile, a call came in from someone complaining about homeless people “being loud.”

A woman called complaining about “kids” driving recklessly around the area of a grocery store and the Chamber of Commerce. She called back saying they were driving on private property and in front of her house and wanted police to “run the kids off.”

An empty and unoccupied mail truck was parked next to mailboxes for the majority of the day.

An irate woman was reportedly trashing her husband’s car after blaming him for stealing her “card” and threatening to take his “legal papers.”

Someone complained about four to five transients hanging out under a bus shelter in front of a business with bottles of hard liquor and then leaving all their trash behind after moving on.

Two drunk men reportedly tried to fight someone’s boss with a couple of shovels. The men then kept picking up rocks and putting them down before backing off closer to a highway. The parties were separated.

An employee who was possibly under the influence of drugs or alcohol took a truck without permission despite his supervisor specifically telling him not to take it. The truck was located and returned and the man was released from custody.

A woman with pockmarks on her face was allegedly seen in a store carrying a huge pink bag and shoplifting. She was accompanied by a man wearing a dark coat and a scarf or mask over his face.

Officers pursued and caught a man in his late teens or early 20s who stole a half-ton truck with plastic on a window and keys inside it.

A woman continues to misuse 911 to rant and rave, ignore and verbally abuse dispatchers. She was advised that she needed to stop calling 911 and endangering the community.

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