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Law roundup: Officers advised to use stealth to catch noisy neighbors

| November 11, 2022 12:00 AM

A resident with apparently quite the history of dealing with his apartment-dwelling neighbors’ rowdy nightlife phoned the Columbia Falls Police Department to let them know that the party-hearty crowd was “back at it.” He requested the department respond and “experience” the commotion. He also helpfully suggested that the incoming officers arrive with little fanfare so as not to spook the revelers and cause them to quiet down.

Police responded to a report of a disabled vehicle in the middle of an intersection. While the Dodge Ram pickup had its emergency flashers on, it was still blocking traffic. Authorities later learned the motorist ran out of gas right in the middle of the intersection. She left after her grandfather came to the rescue with a resupply of fuel.

Officers helped reunited a lost dog, which a hunter found, with its owner.

A stepmother was accused of slapping her stepdaughter, leaving her with a nosebleed. The incident was reported to state child protective services, who alerted local authorities.

A blue Toyota Tacoma left in a Diane Road parking lot overstayed its welcome after a few days. The property manager asked for a tow and noted that the truck was taking up two parking spots.

A woman contacted police after her husband sped off down the driving after telling their kids that he spotted a possible thief stealing from their business via surveillance camera.

The owner of a pickup truck attempted to chase down the motorist behind the wheel of a minivan after the latter vehicle struck the former in an area parking lot. The driver of the pickup told police that they believed the other motorist was drunk. The collision in the parking lot had caused damage to their plow.

A woman contacted authorities to let them know that a man at her location reported being assaulted at an area bar. When officers finally tracked the potential victim down, he reported getting into a fight at the club, but said his assailant was a stranger and he was uninterested in pursuing charges anyway. He also declined medical treatment, though his girlfriend said she would tend to his wounds.

Dispatchers told a homeowner that he could arrange to have the vehicle partially blocking his driveway towed, but he opted to give the motorist another day to retrieve it. The SUV, a Ford Explorer, had turned up overnight.

Officers responded to a report of a group of children walking down the road. They learned that the gaggle was headed to a friend’s house and that their parents were aware of the journey.

A motorist caught driving without their headlights on claimed ignorance when confronted by police officers. They said the vehicle, a Dodge Ram, was new to them and they didn’t know how to turn the lights on yet.

Officers warned another motorist, this time a young driver, for operating without headlights.

Hospital officials told police that emergency room staff were treating a man who shot himself in the hand. The incident happened in Columbia Falls and the officials noted they had been directed to report all gunshot wounds to local authorities.

Police checked in on a resident after spotting the front door their home wide opened. They learned that the woman was waiting on her cat to come inside.