Saturday, November 26, 2022

Law roundup: Adult goes the distance in infant care

by Daily Inter Lake
| November 13, 2022 12:00 AM

A cautious caretaker called the Kalispell Police Department wanting to know if there was a law regarding how far away she could be from an infant inside her home while she took her dog out to go potty.

It was after a group of boys reportedly walked into a bathroom and broke the mirrors that their bad luck began when a man blocked them in with his vehicle while he called the police.

A store experienced a fishy situation when a man with a white beard allegedly stole a fly rod and reel and left in an older white Subaru.

A man went to the police department lobby to complain about the “unsightliness” of a transient sleeping under the Depot Park gazebo surrounded by junk.

Someone reportedly went home and found their garbage can had been cracked and was in the neighbor’s yard. What happened to the can remains a mystery as the neighbor did not hear anything unusual.

Someone asked officers to check on the welfare of a man wearing old winter clothes near recycling bins because he looked dead.

A woman was concerned that someone was either buried or living in a blue vehicle filled with trash that was parked in the wrong direction. Officers didn’t see anyone inside the vehicle and left a sticker giving the owner a 72-hour warning to move it.

A woman was nervous to open her business because a suspicious-looking man and woman with a dog, two bicycles and a baby carrier were reportedly out front, arguing.

Someone allegedly entered a building through a window and stole a cellphone off a woman’s desk. They left behind gloves and footprints. The woman thought he was still at the location and wanted to know if she could legally keep him there until law enforcement arrived. Officers banned him from being on the property.

A business owner was tired of construction workers reportedly using her property as an extension of their construction site and told officers they ignored her requests to stop trespassing and leaving materials on her property.

A child in a car seat was locked in a vehicle, however, while someone called the police the child was able to unbuckle themselves and unlock the door.

A man wearing dark clothes was running out into traffic and acting erratically. Officers warned him to stay out of traffic.

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