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Law roundup: Mobile home a complete loss after fire

by Daily Inter Lake
| November 15, 2022 12:00 AM

A mobile home on Hockaday Lane in Lakeside was destroyed in a fire Sunday night.

Somers-Lakeside Fire Department was dispatched to the scene around 9 p.m.

The fire originated in a chimney in the living room and had spread to the ceiling, according to Somers-Lakeside Assistant Fire Chief Robert Kienas. People inside the home were able to evacuate and suffered no injuries, he said.

A man reportedly spotted someone riding his stolen bike past his house.

A youth reportedly left what looked like a small pill bottle and a file with a snake on it in a parking lot and wanted the Kalispell Police Department to check it out. The bottle appeared to officers to be a geocache.

A burglary was reported at a business where an alarm went off. A window was found broken at the scene and someone was seen jumping over a fence and running behind the complex. Officers detained a man and cleared the building. Inside, multiple cases were found broken and products missing.

An older black truck was reportedly driving 100 mph in the wrong direction.

Someone allegedly untied a Belgian malinois mix puppy because they assumed it had been abandoned at the location and thought it looked neglected. After its rescue, the dog began following them. Animal control took the dog, which was wearing a collar with no tags, to the shelter.

People in an RV and a sedan were reportedly shouting and exchanging “some pretty heated words.” Someone told officers the incident involved an angry neighbor and that no disturbance occurred.

Four people were allegedly hanging out in an alley behind the church where needles were lying on the ground and someone wanted them moved along and the trash picked up. Officers moved the group along.

A woman took some kind of drug, possibly using a dab pen, and was shaking, vomiting and having difficulty breathing.

A customer was concerned a man reportedly screaming at nothing outside a store was making women uncomfortable. Officers made contact with the man who said he was “blowing off steam” and “got it all out.”

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