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Law roundup: Woman takes officer’s instruction too far

by Daily Inter Lake
| November 17, 2022 12:00 AM

A Kalispell Police Department officer on a traffic stop told a woman driving a black Honda with no license plates to pull forward a little bit to get out of the middle of the road and she reportedly took their instruction “a little too seriously” and took them on a jaunt.

Two people allegedly wouldn’t give up trying to get back into a business after being kicked out and were pulling and slamming into side doors near a convention center at the mall. The duo was also accompanied by a third man. A manager told officers they were huffing the contents of a can. They gained access and reportedly punched the manager and ran back.

A man allegedly got the cinema experience from the comfort of his room after allegedly stealing a big screen TV from a community room at a location. The manager of the location told police the man also had a red bike he stored behind a tool shed and a mower and had no idea where they came from. He reportedly told people he took the bike from a school after a kid left it lying on the ground.

A diner employee was “a little freaked out” after receiving a phone call where the caller asked, “Yo, you want to hear my rap about a bomb?” Probably not, but they gave a minute performance anyway and hung up.

An employee pulling into their place of work spotted a woman wearing latex gloves messing with a lockbox and pulling on a door. She told the suspicious employee she was trying to get in but then left.

Someone allegedly broke locks to steal diesel from work vehicles.

A neighbor alerted the homeowner of a newly purchased house that transients were reportedly making themselves at home there and were building a fire in the fireplace and looking out the windows. A few people came out, some of which, were reportedly listed on the Sexual or Violent Offender Registry.

A woman claimed her friend stole $240 out of her purse and hit her when she confronted them about it.

A 4-H building was apparently broken into, items rummaged through and a radio and mic piece were reported as missing.

Someone cut down a tree and piled everything on a fire hydrant, burying it, which concerned an area resident. Officers spoke to a resident who said she would remove the branches obstructing the hydrant.