Saturday, November 26, 2022

Law roundup: Nice bicycles stored on private land arouse suspicions

| November 18, 2022 12:00 AM

Officers with the Kalispell Police Department were tasked with investigating “sketchy activity” in a neighborhood, possibly the result of homeless people “doing things.” The watchful resident who alerted officers to the situation told them that their suspicions were aroused after they noticed nice bicycles getting “stashed” on a piece of property. A victim of bicycle theft themselves, they hoped officers might reunite the two-wheeled rides with their owners. Responding officers determined the bikes were stored on private property.

A man reported a neighbor’s dog for allegedly attacking him whenever he goes out to check the mail. Investigating officers determined that the dog met the man each day at his gate and “barks meanly at him.” The man described it as an ongoing issue. Officers opted to notify animal control.

Inconsiderate motorists with poor parking skills drew the ire of a local woman, who asked officers to look into the matter. She said people parking on a grassy patch were damaging the water system. Officers gave her advice on how to address people parking on the boulevard and potentially harming her irrigation system.

Police moved along a man caught going through ashtrays.

A crying woman phoned dispatchers, saying only that “they keep calling me” and “what the heck?”

Someone broke into a van overnight. Nothing was stolen and the owner just wanted to make authorities aware of the incident.

A man walked into the police department lobby hoping an officer could speak with his wife, who he believed was the victim of a scam. Her bank account was closed due to fraudulent activity, he explained, but she doesn’t believe she was taken in by a scam. He believed she had sent a “significant amount of money” to the scammers. He thought a talk from law enforcement might convince her of the seriousness of the issue.

A resident called the police after spotting a neighbor’s van left idling in the parking lot since 4 a.m. The caller told officers that they had contacted the building’s management multiple times without success. Responding officers learned the vehicle owner was fine. He let a friend sleep in his vehicle in the private lot overnight and the friend kept the engine running.

Curious behavior by a friend led a woman to contact authorities. The friend’s landlord had contacted her and let her know that his vehicle was running all night. She also said he believed there was someone else living in his bedroom, but she knew he was the only one there and so asked for a wellness check. Officers spoke with the man and eventually reached back out to his friend to let her know he seemed fine.

Police were called to sort out a pair of parking violations, one concerning a silver Honda CRV and the other a Chevrolet Silverado. They found the Silverado blocking the sidewalk and met with the owner’s parent, who explained it was struck when it was last left parked on the street and they had tried to fit it in the driveway. Officers described the parent as gracious and willing to move the vehicle. The CRV meanwhile had violated the city’s left door to curb policy out of ignorance. The owner moved it and agreed to abide by the policy henceforth.

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