Saturday, November 26, 2022

Law roundup: Owner lets dog run free, ignores complaint

by Daily Inter Lake
| November 20, 2022 12:00 AM

A dog owner was frustrated and upset when a Kalispell Police Department officer showed up regarding a complaint her dog was running around a man’s property and growling at him. She reportedly told officers she was aware her dog jumps the fence and runs into the road, and neighbors had brought the issue to her attention, however, she ignores them because “they complain too much.” Officers advised her about the city ordinance regarding vicious dogs, noting that she needed to keep the dog on her own property. She claimed to understand.

A woman thought a man she had dated for a week had her car keys when he was arrested and she needed them back to go to work. As the sole owner, the keys were returned.

The back window of a man’s vehicle was allegedly smashed while at work. Employees looked for video footage of the incident.

A bank employee requested extra patrol during the night hours because there were homeless people hanging around the ATM.

Columbia Falls Police Department brought a woman found wandering the streets to the Warming Center and someone from Adult Protective Services said she had to be released, but she didn’t know where she lived. She was taken to the hospital and a man was contacted about picking her up.

A woman was concerned a man was camping out by the side of her building. The person was not there at the time she called but there was a pile of clothes left behind.

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