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Law roundup: Doll display goes over woman’s head

by Daily Inter Lake
| November 22, 2022 12:00 AM

A woman allegedly thought the residents of two houses across from each other were out their heads and involved in a satanic ritual when she complained they had doll heads impaled on fence posts. She claimed it was scaring the neighborhood children and asked the Kalispell Police Department if anything could be done.

A woman was dismayed to discover that police officers aren't on-call locksmiths when she called for help after locking herself out of her apartment. She claimed the fire department had retrieved her key out of the manager’s office before. She was advised that police would not forcibly enter the manager’s office. Unsteady, they gave her the phone number for the manager.

A woman was reportedly following her ex around for a few days. He contacted police when she was spotted following him in her vehicle. Officers counseled both parties and provided the man with an application to obtain a temporary restraining order. She agreed to leave him alone.

A later call came in regarding a man who allegedly showed up at his ex’s hotel room and banged on the door, scaring her. He reportedly continued harassing and threatening her and her children after she changed rooms and was in the process of submitting paperwork for a temporary restraining order.

A store employee allegedly asked officers to step it up in their response to a report of shoplifters, who were being vulgar, detained in an office. One of the individuals left and was walking toward the theater when officers detained him. Together, they headed back to the business where the officers issued a citation and released him.

A woman was reportedly turning when a red vehicle in front of her hit the brakes. She rear-ended them, resulting in a cracked front bumper. She told officers she tried to catch the other vehicle, but they sped off.

A man was concerned that a dog was being left outside all day and night, alleging the dog was cold when he went to pet it.

A man and woman were allegedly yelling about $20 owed to him in a parking lot. She then went to her room where she threw $20 out the window at him. There were concerns the verbal disturbance would escalate, but a security employee counseled the couple on being vocal in the parking lot and they seemed to understand.

An SUV reportedly hit a building and the driver, who was sweating profusely, complained about back pain and said he had a bad fall off a tailgate earlier in the day and hurt himself.