Monday, December 05, 2022

Law roundup: A killer or a Bob Marley fan?

| November 23, 2022 12:00 AM

Someone was probably left speechless after an “extremely cracked out” man allegedly came up to them in a parking lot and said he just killed a sheriff. The man gave them what they described as a bomb and either a flash bomb or a flash bang — it turned out to be just a road flare — and then drove away in an older Jeep with a camouflage color scheme. The caller told the Kalispell Police Department that their vehicle was keyed and the man, before driving off, told them to use the devices against “them.”

Someone reportedly gave a man wearing a green coat money for food. Apparently taking a mile after being given an inch, the hungry-looking man then followed them home and was trying the door and knocking on windows. The resident said the “cracked out” man had damaged a window with all the banging.

A man’s broken phone was allegedly stuck on “SOS” mode and accidentally dialed 911.

A front desk employee noticed a window left open and the lights on in a room that no one had checked into that day. They asked for an officer to accompany them to clear the room. It was unoccupied.

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