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Law roundup: One-eyed man looks to quench thirst

| November 24, 2022 12:00 AM

An older man with one eye allegedly went into a casino wanting to buy alcohol for $2. He pointed his phone at an employee, saying he was shooting her with it, after she told him she couldn’t sell him anything for that amount. Another patron stepped in and said, “I got you.” Officers with the Kalispell Police Department said they would check the area.

It sounded like the makings of an old country western song when a man reportedly flagged down an officer with questions about how to get his dog and vehicle back after a recent arrest.

A vehicle was allegedly left parked in a 30-minute parking zone for four days.

A woman who previously had called the police about her daughter yelling at her reported returning to town after a couple of months and discovering alleged drug activity had occurred. Also, her firearm was missing.

A group of kids were playing hooky at a business where a regular customer reportedly told an employee they saw the kids steal retail goods. That prompted workers to ask the police to move the group along and encourage them to go to school. The employee said the kids were quiet, but they sometimes yelled and threw things.

Someone was concerned that people in a disabled vehicle on the shoulder of the road would get hit by a fast-moving vehicle because their emergency flashers were dim.

A welfare check was requested for a man in his 50s who was reportedly living out of a small broken-down passenger car. It appeared that his feet were frostbitten and he could barely walk.

Four studded tires were reported stolen from a man’s driveway.

A fifth-wheel camper was reportedly parked for three days at a location with a “no overnight parking” policy.