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Law Roundup: Owner of unruly dog accused of targeting cats

| November 25, 2022 12:00 AM

Officers with the Columbia Falls Police Department were called to an area home for a report of a dog potentially blocking traffic. A caller told dispatchers that the animal was hooked to a cable, but had enough slack to reach the middle of the road. Apparently as an aside, the caller also warned that the homeowner there had a history of shooting cats with a BB gun. Prodded further, the caller declined to file a formal complaint, but alleged seeing the would-be Jim Corbett in action first-hand.

A man got more than he bargained for when he bought a coat and found a passport inside. He turned it in at the police department.

Police responded to a reported shoplifting case at a local store. The suspect made off with the goods before officers arrived.

Officers moved along several people in a vehicle on Talbot Road.

A granddaughter phoned police to report the fraudulent use of her grandmother’s debit card by some unknown individual. The caller admitted leaving it in an automatic teller machine several days prior and apparently someone swiped it. She said she was calling on behalf of her grandmother because the older woman was hard of hearing.

An argument began after someone allegedly got caught trying to steal a minibike.

A homeowner received an unwelcome gift in the form of a rock tossed through their screen door the night prior.

Officers mediated a dispute between two motorists after both accused each other of reckless driving near the intersection of U.S. 2 and Montana 40. They also each alleged the other had made an obscene gesture using just their middle finger. Officers counseled the pair and opted against issuing any citations.

A caller reported seeing several people behind a building going through donations. Items were piled up in a nearby van.

Police responded to a report of a pair of teenagers allegedly lighting up an area home with paintball guns from the comfort of their vehicle. Upon arrival, they found no evidence of damage or even paintballs. The individual who phoned authorities, though, maintained that a pair of young males fired a paintball-like gun out of a vehicle. Authorities opted to contact the school resource officer to see if they could track down a pair of students linked to the suspect vehicle and inquire about their weekend activities.

A newcomer to the area reported seeing someone dressed in all black walking away from her cabin. She requested extra patrols in the area.