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Law roundup: Police try tracking pranksters

by Daily Inter Lake
| November 27, 2022 12:00 AM

A Columbia Falls Police Department officer hot on the tracks of a tip that youths were playing “ding, dong, ditch” in the area stopped to speak with five boys playing in the snow in the street. The trail of the pranksters went cold, however, when the group said they weren’t the culprits and hadn’t seen anyone in the area.

Dispatch received a phone call where a woman could be heard screaming and things were being thrown around in the background. A man said his live-in girlfriend was acting disorderly, refused to leave, and kept coming closer to him and screaming, causing his dog to bark.

Someone reportedly wanted officers to tell a man sleeping in an SUV what time the park closed. The person also complained their daughter was walking at the park when the man let his dogs loose for a couple of hours while he slept. They were told officers had advised the man about park rules earlier in the day.

Someone’s ex-wife and her sister allegedly posted “slanderous material” at a location and they requested a civil standby to remove the material because the women sounded uninterested in speaking to them when they called about the issue and sounded like they weren't going to take the material down.

Although a woman reportedly had a restraining order against her ex-husband, she showed up at his residence in her vehicle and sat in the driveway. He thought she was doing this for no other reason than to exploit the situation.

Officers arrested a man in a parking lot for allegedly driving under the influence. His vehicle was towed.

A woman was allegedly very angry at her dog for getting loose and was very worried about getting another dog-at-large citation.

The person a man reportedly had a temporary restraining order against was spotted in a vehicle in the street behind his residence.

A small, brown wallet with a snap on the front that contained credit cards, a driver’s license and $200 in cash was reported lost.