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Meet the candidate: Braxton Mitchell, Republican for HD-3

| October 23, 2022 12:00 AM

Braxton Mitchell

Party: Republican

Age: 22

Occupation: Highland Site Services & Family businesses Vandevanter Meats & MT Jerky Company

Community involvement: You can always catch me at community functions all across Flathead County.

What are the top issues you would like to see addressed in the next legislative session?

The residents of House District 3 have very clear priorities which will improve their lives at the local and state levels.

First, they want their $1.8 billion in over-collected tax dollars from last year. This is why I will vote against all appropriations bills until taxpayer money is returned.

Second, our seniors are being ignored. It is critical that we provide immediate, permanent tax relief. I'll be working with Rep. Paul Fielder, R-Thompson Falls to eliminate the tax on Social Security income in Montana. We are one of 12 states that tax Social Security, and right now with Biden-flation it's time we work to ease that burden from Montana seniors. We passed the bill last session through the House with every Democrat in the state opposing it, but it ended up failing in Appropriations. We have plans to work it through this session.

Third, the governor has laid out a plan to address Montana's housing crisis, I look forward to working with Legislators and the executive branch to find the best solution to addressing Montana's housing crisis.

Why are you the best choice to represent your district?

My district is a conservative district, so it deserves a conservative voice to represent them and their interests in Helena.

We need proven Montana leadership. Having a legislative voting record shows that I do not just have rhetoric - I have shown that I follow through on the promises I made when elected. Though the Legislature only meets for 90 days every other year, the work of a representative does not end. Constituents reach out with questions and requests nearly every day. Not only do I work to find solutions, but I work to build lasting relationships with residents and business owners.

During my first term it has been an honor and privilege to gain the trust of those I represent and one way I have done this is by actively engaging people in THEIR government.

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