Sunday, September 25, 2022

Law roundup: Band of hooligans throw rocks, and maybe water balloons

| September 9, 2022 12:00 AM

A group of miscreants atop a bridge in the Kalispell area reportedly rained large rocks down on the vehicles passing below. Kalispell Police officers responded to the area after a motorist, who reported damage to their vehicle, phoned in the incident. A second caller also alerted officers, telling them a thrown rock had broken their windshield. A third caller suggested water balloons also might have been in the mix.

Police arrived at an area business for a woman who not only was refusing to leave but insisting upon throwing peanuts at employees. The employee who contacted authorities agreed to point her out to them when they arrived at the scene. Officers moved her along.

A woman called dispatch to accuse them of forcing her to live “on the street” even though “she can’t live on our streets.” A dispatcher advised the woman, who had begun name-calling, to leave the streets if she can’t live there. They also suggested she stop insulting dispatchers.

At that, the woman demanded the $8 million that she said dispatchers owed her. The dispatcher pointed out that if they were in possession of $8 million they likely would not be answering 911 calls at three in the morning.

Officers investigated a report of broken glass at an area intersection. The caller behind the report suspected someone had broken a bunch of bottles at the spot. Fire officials were asked to sweep up the mess.

A landowner asked police to move along a transient man who changed his clothes in front of their property.

Officers moved along a transient man who apparently plugged his cell phone into a power outlet at a local home.

Police moved along a woman who persistently set up camp on an individual’s property.

A caller told authorities they were following a woman who was taking photographs of them while they were at work. The woman previously photographed the caller’s husband as well. The caller said the woman later accused them of stalking her. Officers told the caller that no crime had been committed and advised her on how to get a restraining order. They were ultimately unable to locate the alleged shutterbug.

Someone called 911 to let them know they did not like the dispatchers. They then hung up.

Another person called dispatchers and began screaming obscenities. Dispatchers advised them to stop misusing the 911 line.

“I hate you,” someone screamed over and over again on a call placed to dispatch. Dispatchers tried to identify the voice, who repeated the phrase for about five minutes. When an individual called back, they said the screaming woman had begun screaming the same phrase again: “I hate you.”

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