Sunday, September 25, 2022

Law roundup: Teens’ good judgment gets scrambled

by Daily Inter Lake
| September 11, 2022 12:00 AM

The Kalispell Police Department didn't crack up over a report of teen boys in a black truck reportedly throwing eggs at passing cars.

Later on, a call came in about someone in a white truck egging multiple cars in a parking lot.

Meanwhile, someone in a gray Toyota truck with wheels sticking out of the fender wells, chucked a soda at someone who claimed the truck belonged to a group of other trucks parked by the mall where a group of teens were hanging out. Officers made contact with the teens who said the truck drove by earlier, revving its engine, and someone had thrown something at them too.

Someone flagged down police to report a disorderly blonde 17- to 19-year-old driving a black Ford who was allegedly yelling obscenities over a loudspeaker. Officers planned to do extra patrol before and after school.

A woman asked police for help after blocking a phone number didn’t work. The phone number was associated with dozens of calls asking for a person named Nina, which she was now receiving from a restricted number. Officers called the phone number and a woman answered, claiming Nina was “entered as a missing person” and wanted proof the woman she had been calling was not Nina. Officers told her the phone number didn’t belong to Nina any longer and to stop calling or she would be charged.

A man with a criminal history purportedly agreed to “slow down his suspicious activity,” when someone complained he spent all morning driving around a parking lot and parking for a few minutes before driving around again.

A woman reportedly found a note on her car telling her to call a phone number with a 682 area code. The mystery deepened when she found a second note on her car with a different phone number on it. She thought someone might have left the notes after hitting her car, however, she became more suspicious when she didn’t see any damage.

A woman allegedly woke up to lights being turned on in her kitchen and heard sounds from the front door and then someone on the stairs. She yelled that she called 911, got out her gun and locked her bedroom door. The front door was locked when officers arrived.

A black dump trailer was reportedly losing shingles with nails in them on U.S. 93.

Someone reportedly went through a woman’s unlocked vehicle and stole two iPhone chargers and a bottle of expired prescription medication.

A man wearing a plaid button-up shirt and jeans was reportedly running in and out of traffic and hiding behind buildings.

Someone allegedly told officers a “female vagrant” was in a parking lot scaring two guests before getting into her truck. Officers spoke with the woman who claimed the dispute started because the guests, whom she described as “meth heads,” parked next to her. Words were exchanged and everyone separated. She agreed to find somewhere else to spend the night.

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