Sunday, September 25, 2022

Law roundup: Bottle of whiskey appears in driveway

by Daily Inter Lake
| September 12, 2022 12:00 AM

Someone’s neighbor allegedly noticed garage doors open on a house that was supposed to be vacant. They also saw a bottle of whiskey in the driveway and a missing window screen. The Kalispell Police Department cleared the house and the homeowners were contacted.

A woman complained that a man wearing baggy clothes kept wandering between a play area and the bathroom while “twitching and scratching.”

A man wearing a white button-up shirt under a black hoodie and blue jeans with a knife on his hip allegedly took off running with a tote full of stolen items, which he later dropped.

Four teens wearing backpacks reportedly vandalized bathrooms they were recorded on video entering and leaving.

Someone was suspicious of two men in a truck when one of the men allegedly got out and was walking back and forth while the other man, who looked high, sat in the backseat and didn’t respond when the other man talked to him. The man pulled him out of the vehicle and he was unable to stand.

A woman reportedly went to pick up her vehicle from a location to find out that both passenger doors had been damaged by a crowbar.

A parked white truck was allegedly blocking delivery trucks from accessing a location.

A parked blue minivan with a taped-up window had allegedly blocked mailboxes over four days.

A man allegedly called 911 screaming and swearing at dispatch before hanging up.

A store owner asked officers to move along a possibly intoxicated man in a white pickup who was yelling about his wallet and throwing things around.

A woman reportedly refused to leave a location when asked by an employee. Instead, she continued to bring her belongings in. The employee asked officers to tell her she couldn’t return to the location for a month.

A black iPhone 13 in a clear case with a black PopSocket was reported stolen while the owner was at a park.

Extra patrol was requested at a business where a man, who had purportedly caused problems before, was back at it making employees feel uncomfortable.

Someone allegedly left a firearm in a store. Officers collected it.

A manager of a complex reportedly wanted officers to tell a man he could not drink in front of the location. The manager added that the man said he could not get inside on his own, nor could they help him per company policy.

The owner of a truck with a trailer that was partially parked in the roadway was advised about the hazard it posed and told to put a flag on it by officers. The owner was also told they must move it every 72 hours.

A woman was allegedly heard screaming, “Let me go,” during a verbal fight with a man. The man and woman, who were involved in a previous incident, were separated after an investigation was completed.

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