Sunday, September 25, 2022

Law roundup: Man shoplifts shades and air rifle

Daily Inter Lake | September 13, 2022 12:00 AM

Security cameras allegedly recorded a male walking into a store, stuffing sunglasses in his shorts and then walking out a side door with an air rifle in his hand.

A woman reportedly pulled into her driveway to see a man passed out on her lawn and rolling around near the road.

A man was a homeowner for just two days before he started noticing suspicious activity. He reportedly checked on the house and kept finding the hose turned on. He saw other signs that someone had been inside. He requested extra patrols from the Kalispell Police Department.

Four shady-looking guys with a large tool bag were allegedly hanging out near a bicycle rack.

A woman was “creeped out” when she exited a business and saw an old rusty van parked next to her vehicle with its sliding door open next to the driver’s side door. She had an employee escort her to her vehicle. The van reportedly left as they approached and she told officers she believed they were sex traffickers who were trying to abduct her.

A man’s stepson was “hollering and screaming,” purportedly in an attempt to get him to hit him. The stepson was then heard screaming at his sister and mother. Officers made contact and determined there was a verbal disagreement over his treatment program. Parties agreed to stay separated until he got all his belongings out of a camper he was staying in and left.

A gray Toyota Prius allegedly almost ran a vehicle off the road as it “aggressively and dangerously” changed lanes.

A pit bull mix was running loose for a few days in a neighborhood where someone reportedly recognized it as a dog abandoned by an evicted neighbor and told officers its brother was already in the shelter.

A man in an alley was allegedly throwing rocks at vehicles.

A man driving a white pickup reportedly swerved at a vehicle as if he was going to try and hit it and flipped the driver off.

Someone using binoculars allegedly saw men in a red Ford truck parked by a motorhome going through a black duffel bag with gloved hands and thought a drug deal was going down.

A Springfield XDM 10mm handgun, two magazines and a Blackhawk holster were reported stolen from a man’s unlocked vehicle along with other items.

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