Sunday, September 25, 2022

Law roundup: Man takes back stolen pickup and keeps on truckin’

by Daily Inter Lake
| September 15, 2022 12:00 AM

A man allegedly found his stolen truck at a location, yanked out the people inside and called the Kalispell Police Department as he drove away.

An angry woman allegedly rammed her SUV into a man’s motorcycle in a self-car wash station and screamed she was going to kill him.

A man reportedly loitering around a gas station asking people for money became thirsty and had the audacity to grab a beer without paying for it and then sit outside drinking it. Although he tried to dodge officers, he was caught, issued a citation for theft and released.

Someone was suspicious of two men they described as looking like felons when they heard them say they were searching “for the right house.” The men reportedly told an officer they were trying to get a room. The officer advised them about the complaint and if “finding the right house” meant squatting, that would be unacceptable, and if it meant burglarizing — even worse. If it meant neither, they could carry on but were advised that Kalispell enjoys active community involvement with police.

A clever 3-year-old reportedly unlocked the door of his family’s apartment while his mother was sleeping and took a field trip to the store where someone called the police. The toddler’s mother was counseled about installing a slide lock higher on the door.

Two boys were allegedly fighting to an audience of about eight other children. Four ran away when officers arrived. Apparently, the duo was roughhousing for fun, entertaining the rest of the boys and girls who were friends. No injuries were reported and officers provided a courtesy transport home for two of the children.

Men wearing ski masks and black hoodies reportedly got out of a blue Ford F-150 parked in front of a store and were looking through vehicles.

Someone, who didn’t want to provide their name, called the police to report stolen money and claimed to know who stole it but couldn’t prove it.

Someone set up a cot and a sleeping bag at a location where the owner wanted them moved along.

What allegedly started out as a parking issue resulted in a man in a green SUV pulling a knife out and telling someone to “come over here.” The person wanted officers to tell him to stop his aggressive behavior rather than press charges since nothing physical took place.

Neighbors were heard yelling and screaming about someone bleeding and hitting their head and then things quieted down. Parties told officers an intoxicated man started arguing with them and punched someone’s husband in the face. Told to leave, he complied with the request.

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