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Letters to the editor Sept. 15

| September 15, 2022 12:00 AM

Sorry social condition

I’ve been thinking about Margaret Davis’ column (Life extends past remote control, Sept. 11) about the oil change shop’s TV in their waiting room. I don’t know if I would have done anything differently than she, but don’t you wonder what would have happened if she had wandered to (and kept on) the forbidden channel?

Yesterday evening, I went to the Compline Choir prayers for Ukraine, a very soothing and contemplative 45 minutes to say the least.

Afterword, as we attendees quietly visited outside the Episcopal church, a truck with a big American flag very definitely floored it, roaring past us bystanders. It was a shocking sight and sound. One of my friends who is a retired law enforcement officer commented that he immediately presented a sideways stance, minimum profile — an automatic reaction they learn, apparently.

On the day of 9/11 when we Americans supposedly gather in strength and concern for each other … what a sorry social condition we are in.

She ended her column with this thought: “Hopefully we can all learn to dance, talk and discuss again.”

And hopefully we can someday not be afraid of what TV channel we choose or who drives by a place of worship with a peaceful gathering.

— Jana Goodman, Kalispell

Federal agents

Responding to Susan Taylor’s letter “Fear the FBI” where she writes, “Tell me you are not afraid of the FBI knocking on your door in the wee hours of the morning . . . with the possibility of being charged with a crime and thrown into prison on trumped up charges.” My answer would be: “No, Ms. Taylor, I am not afraid.”

If, however, I had knowingly squirreled away some highly classified government documents in my home, leaving them in a variety of unsecured locations — and had I for months refused to return them as requested — I might lose a little night’s sleep.

Regarding the government’s potential hiring of 87,000 new IRS agents: The GOP has had a field day with this portion of Biden’s new Inflation Reduction Act. And why not? This is an election year. People like Ms. Taylor are working very hard to spread the GOP’s fear-mongering lies with statements such as: “Soon IRS agents will be coming after you, your business and your family for any kind of infraction.”

Really? Contrary to what Ms. Taylor would have us believe, IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig (confirmed under Donald Trump) has stated that the new agents will not be targeting “ordinary” Americans. The hires are necessary to replace tens of thousands of baby boomers who will be retiring and is phased through 2031.

In addition to those agents who will be conducting audits of wealthy Americans and corporations who have long-evaded their tax obligations, the new hires will include thousands of IT specialists and customer service people who will make the IRS more efficient for everyone.

Ms. Taylor would be well-advised to check her “facts” before making such false and inflammatory statements.

Be very careful when you cast your vote this November. Elections do matter.

— Darlene Frahm, Columbia Falls

Campaign donations

Montana needs politicians who support Montana and Montanans. That’s not Ryan Zinke’s priority. The majority of his campaign funds are from outside Montana and from corporate interests. Only 6% of his campaign funds comes from Montanans.

Combining that paltry 6% with Montana corporate donations, it rises to a scant 15%, leaving 85% of his campaign funds coming from out of state. Over one-third of this funding comes from Texas, Florida, Georgia and the D.C. area. He will be seriously beholden to groups and individuals outside of Montana.

It is likely Zinke will mislead and lie about how he will serve Montana. It has been proven that he acted so when he was secretary of Interior.

Montanans need a representative whose main campaign funds are from Montanans and Montana groups. We need a Representative who is honest and beholden to Montanans.

That person is Monica Tranel.

Monica Tranel received over 75% of her donations from Montanans for the same time period. Monica will represent Montanans, not out-of-staters. Monica is a full- time resident of Montana. Zinke isn’t.

Monica is also honest and hasn’t been found to be misleading and lying by the very government she would serve.

— Ernest Scherzer, Trout Creek

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