Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Law roundup: Bear with white markings entranced by garbage

| September 21, 2022 12:00 AM

A man spotted a black bear beneath his bathroom window on Bills Lane. The bear, which had white markings on its chest, reportedly knocked down two to three garbage cans in the area and was unfazed by Columbia Falls Police Department’s attempts to scare it away with flashing lights. Instead, it kept digging through trash for tasty morsels.

When officers received another call about the bear “going crazy in the woods,” they said it was a job for Fish and Game as law enforcement didn’t have the capability to effectively haze bears.

Police received a report about a broken water line from a concerned citizen who said he lived at the bottom of the hill where the road would erode from the water.

A woman’s boyfriend’s drunk landlord reportedly threatened to hit one of them. Parties were separated.

Officers checked out an ordinance violation on Nucleus Avenue regarding trash cans someone left out that were possibly knocked over by a bear.

A kid staying with a bunch of people in a camper parked at a house was allegedly causing ongoing issues for someone in the neighborhood. The resident said someone kept banging on their door and was throwing rocks in the street.

Someone called the Kalispell Police Department around 8:55 p.m. to fuss about neighbors sanding furniture because “it was a little late for that.” While on the phone, the sanding stopped but the caller thought it would start again. All was quiet when officers drove by.

Someone in a speeding Dodge Ram 2500 reportedly threw what appeared to be a beer bottle out the window, which hit another vehicle and broke a side mirror.

Someone thought two brothers’ horseplay was a physical disturbance when one of the men tried to slam the other’s head on a vehicle and one of them pinned the other to the ground.

A man went to a residence to pick up a refrigerator listed on Facebook Marketplace that he allegedly paid $500 to “put on hold.” The homeowner claimed they had no idea about the items posted for sale online and that the man was one of 15 people to show up at their door.

Officers received two calls about a herd of “kids” driving recklessly and possibly drinking alcohol. Officers cleared out about 50 cars.

There were allegedly ongoing issues with a homeless woman sleeping by church steps and in the morning, she would get up and partially undress to “take care of business” behind the church.

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