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Law Roundup: Faith lacking after driver violates rules of the road

| September 23, 2022 12:00 AM

There was no faith in a driver following the law from a caller who reported a car with a “Trust in God” sticker on the back reportedly running traffic lights and stop signs.

Several business owners received warnings from the Columbia Falls Police after their trash was improperly stored, bumping up against the city’s emergency ordinance requiring securing attractants from bears.

A bag of clothes was put in storage after being dropped off at the Columbia Falls Police Department.

A caller reported that their car window was smashed the night before.

Neighbors complained about a teenager next door who would wait for his parents to leave then bring over friends and play loud music.

A large black bear was spotted east of Columbus Park.

In Hungry Horse, a friendly yellow lab mix was running around and did not want to be caught, a caller reported to the Flathead County Sheriff’s office.

A bear got into a chicken coop outside Kalispell.

A vehicle was driving over curbs in a parking lot in an attempt to lasso deer.

A shed that burned down over the weekend began smoking again.

Taking advantage of an empty vacation rental, someone stayed at the home sleeping in the bed, breaking items and using the shower, the owner reported to the sheriff’s office.

A friendly, but disruptive dog was chasing balls at a playground, a caller reported to the Kalispell Police Department.

An unwelcome person walked through the staging area of a construction site.

A caller was shocked to find out that someone was not living in their car, but it had in fact broken down in a parking lot. The caller gave them one hour to move the vehicle.

Two teenagers were found to have stolen two toy cars and a toy brick set from a store. The teens were counseled and their parents called to pick them up.

There was an ongoing issue with dogs escaping their yard and visiting the neighbors.

A car with a “trust in God” sticker on the back reportedly ran traffic lights and stop signs.

Fellow employees and managers were apparently aware of an employee selling drugs out of a room at a business.

Banging noises were heard coming from a camper and then later groaning noises, thus the caller was worried about the safety of the person inside.