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Law roundup: Roofers hit the nail on the wrong house

by Daily Inter Lake
| September 29, 2022 12:00 AM

Roofers reportedly went to the wrong house and began removing shingles, which the resident discovered while at work thanks to her home security system. She went home to let them know about the mistake and a project manager told her they would fix it.

A passerby told the Kalispell Police Department that they watched a man and woman duke it out in a parking lot. The woman was allegedly hitting the man while he was feeding a baby and it looked like he was trying to keep her fists off of him. The woman also threw a soda in front of the cab of a truck and a man tried to clean it up.

A man allegedly “got busted in the face” by someone who took off in a little red vehicle with three passengers. The man was bleeding uncontrollably from the nose and mouth.

Someone accidentally called 911 from an operating room.

A student allegedly found a live round and asked officers to dispose of it.

A woman reportedly called the police when she thought she saw the motor home that hit her vehicle more than a week ago. She was advised not to approach it until law enforcement arrived. By that time the motor home, and the woman, were gone.

Someone allegedly thought it was weird to see two duffel bags “stuffed on a front sidewalk” because there were no homeless people around.

Tools and a cigarette butt were reportedly found by a company vehicle where it appeared someone unsuccessfully tried to cut out the catalytic converter.

A hungry bear on Crescent Drive preferred takeout to dine-in food when it was seen walking away with a bag of trash.

The Columbia Falls Police Department received a report about a man who was reportedly acting strangely. He kept asking to draw a woman nude in exchange for foreign currency, telling her it was worth a lot more than it was. Officers recommended she terminate her business relationship with the man to “avoid any further uncomfortable situations.”

An albino ferret allegedly showed up on a woman’s porch and she couldn’t hang on to it because she had dogs.

A man who wasn’t sure if his wallet was lost or stolen had questions about obtaining a driver’s license before flying the next day.