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Letters to the editor April 25

| April 25, 2023 12:00 AM

Are we having fun yet?

The Wedels first attempt to push through their roller coaster in Lake County was met with a unified front to deny their project thru zoning and public outcry. Unfortunately, they moved into Flathead County to pursue this ridiculous project.

Their constant behavior to ignore neighbors and citizens should really make folks aware that they only have their own interests in mind and nobody else. I wonder how they will be received at the local businesses when they try to mingle with the local people.

Besides being in an unsafe location on U.S. 93 , the idea of sitting in a steel cage, winding down the hill to the sound of screeching brakes and traffic seems to be about the furthest thing that normal people would would consider to be fun.

— Lewis Moore, Rollins

Coaster concerns

Marc Leichti’s rebuttal letter to Lana Batts concerns about the Flathead Lake Alpine Coaster project was disappointing to read. It was condescending and patronizing.

This project has a history and it’s not pleasant. It’s no wonder the Lakeside community is concerned to have a project such as this as a neighbor. There are more and more developers imposing their projects for their purposes.

This valley has been a collection of communities each with distinctive characteristics to their neighborhoods. Somehow this Flathead Lake Coaster project seems to be a poor fit for Lana’s neighborhood. The best we all can do to support Lana and her neighbors is to assure her if they build it we won’t come.

— Karlene Khor, Kalispell

Perfect candidate

The election for School District 6 Board of trustees is underway. The ballots must be received at the county Elections Office by Tuesday, May 2.

The Columbia Falls community is fortunate to have one outstanding candidate running for that office this year. That candidate is Megan Upton.

She is a Columbia Falls graduate, a small business owner and the parent of a Columbia Falls High School freshman. Her daughter is a 2022 CFHS graduate. She is a woman of faith.

She is an unwavering supporter of student success, student safety, student academic excellence and parental rights. She supports teachers and will be a conscientious steward of taxpayer funds. She is a fresh face who will bring energy, enthusiasm, dedication, a tireless work ethic and new ideas with her as she takes her place on the board. She believes that it is only through effective and respectful listening and open-communication among parents, students, teachers, administrators, trustees and the new superintendent that workable solutions can be found to District 6’s most pressing problems.

Her Positivity, Enthusiasm, Responsibility, Fresh face, Energy, Communication skills and Traditional values, will make her the PERFECT addition to the Columbia Falls School board.

People complain about our local, state and national institutions and ask forlornly, “What can one person do?”

Here is what one person can do in Columbia Falls: If you want to hire an outstanding citizen to advocate for the children in the Columbia Falls community, mark your ballot for Upton, and to return it in time for the final tabulation. Megan will work hard to accomplish what is best for the children, but she can only do so once she is elected. And she will be elected, if you vote!

— Joe O’Rourke, Columbia Falls

The storm is gathering

The indictment of former President Trump (the first of three baseless progressive efforts to discredit him in an election cycle) didn’t identify the felony with which the Soros-funded Alvin (the chipmunk) Bragg charged him. Not a requirement of New York law claimed Bragg. I thought the purpose of an indictment was, in part, to inform the defendant of the charges against him.

The Democrat party has been expropriated by a minority of radical, socialist, woke, progressive idealogues who wish to destroy our country and eliminate the Constitution on which it was founded.

China, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, probably North Korea and India are scheming to remove the dollar as the reserve currency and pressure our so-called allies to join, which will happen if the left and senile Biden continue to destroy our world position of political, military, monetary and natural resource strength. Locking up political opponents is what I expect in these countries, not the United States.

Though these radical progressives are a minority of the country, probably even of Democrats, we should not forget what happened in Germany after Hitler was appointed chancellor in 1933 even though his Nazi party held only two of 10 cabinet seats. In defiance of the Weimar constitution of 1918 which created the Weimar Republic a democratic parliamentary republic, Hitler, in a few short years using emergency power declarations, converted the republic to a dictatorship. And the rest, as they say, is history.

If the storm clouds currently gathering (and I don’t mean climate change nonsense) are allowed to continue, might we be hurtling toward a similar upheaval. The risk of losing reserve currency with the inevitable disasters of recession, massive inflation, even enemy military incursion might signal that our empire, nearing the 250-year mark, at which others have failed, is at risk of crumbling.

— David Myerowitz, Columbia Falls