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Law roundup: Man returns home to face the heat

by Daily Inter Lake
| April 27, 2023 12:00 AM

A Lakeside man allegedly returned home to find the oven turned up to 500 degrees, which heated the house up enough to melt unlit candles. He reportedly told the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office someone might have come through the doggy door and tried to burn his house down.

A Kalispell man’s ex-girlfriend reportedly would return his belongings and threatened to shoot him if he stepped foot on her property to try and get them.

A man calling from Kalispell reported an abandoned home that allegedly “looked like a bad scene that should be investigated.” When asked to clarify why he was concerned he mentioned things like a vehicle and possibly animals being abandoned there.

A Kalispell man experiencing ongoing problems with loose dogs allegedly had a neighbor’s dog attack his horse a couple weeks ago and on this particular day a dog came on to his property and tried attacking him.

A Kalispell renter reportedly let a friend stay over who was now refusing to leave and had questions about the eviction process but had not spoken with the homeowner yet.