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Law roundup: Mailman accused of taking catnap

| April 28, 2023 12:00 AM

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds, but lack of sleep might. Officers with the Kalispell Police Department were asked to check in with a mailman after someone thought they saw him sleeping in his U.S. Postal Service truck. Officers found the postal carrier “upright and continuing rounds.”

A parked camper that apparently moved closer to a nearby construction site overnight aroused the suspicion of an individual who flagged down a passing officer. While an initial knock at the door went unanswered, officers soon noticed signs of activity inside. They eventually spoke with a man, who told them the camper broke down and he planned on leaving as soon as it was fixed. The camper’s owner called police back later in the day to let them know he expected to have a ride out by 5 p.m.

After learning her husband had pawned several of her items, a woman contacted the authorities for help. Officers deemed the issue a civil matter.

Someone masquerading over the phone as a Flathead County Sheriff’s Office deputy nearly convinced a woman to take out money orders and give them to him on pain of arrest. The woman called the police instead. Officers advised her on similar scams and how to tell the difference between an imposter and a member of law enforcement over the phone.

Seeing a man toppling over near a school, a woman called police for help. The man was with several others and they all appeared drunk.

A black Dodge pickup truck engaging in a bit of road rage and reckless driving prompted a call to authorities.

Officers moved along two men after the tenant of a building reported seeing a group of men, one in a wheelchair, head behind a brick wall clearly marked with a no trespassing sign. Told by security personnel to report any trespassers, she also worried they planned on using the area as an impromptu water closet.

A vicious dog running around a yard kept a woman from getting to her car.

Police mediated the alleged theft of a dog. The victim, who reported the dognapping, told authorities she just wanted the pet back. After speaking with officers, the canine’s abductor agreed to return the animal, a black Labrador, German Shepherd mix.

A resident asked police to step up patrols in their neighborhood or bring the radar trailer by to deter a neighbor from speeding. The neighbor, they reported, often becomes rude when asked to slow down.

Store employees reported finding a brown backpack left unattended at the business’ door.

A woman told officers she was the victim of a hacker.

A property manager told police that homeless individuals had erected a camp on their land.

Officers spoke with a man armed with a knife and pepper spray after he startled a passerby. The man told police he was just preparing in case of an attack. Officers let him know that his actions could scare other people and he agreed to be more circumspect.