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Law roundup: Female chapped about lifetime ban

by Daily Inter Lake
| April 30, 2023 12:00 AM

A female was allegedly detained after stealing ChapStick and given a lifetime ban to all the sore’s locations.

A woman wearing a flannel shirt was reportedly almost hit by a vehicle while sitting on the road huffing the contents of a can. The woman was issued a citation by a Kalispell Police Department officer.

Someone allegedly saw a woman with blonde and pink hair using a blowtorch to smoke what they thought was fentanyl from a pipe. She was walking with a man.

A woman reportedly tried to steal a cartful of groceries that added up to $180.20 and then fought with store security. She was detained by the police, who notified the jail about the situation.

A woman reportedly heard a dog yelping and saw a man chasing down a dark-colored German shepherd-type dog, kicking it and pinning it to the ground, punching it. A woman, possibly his wife, came out of a house yelling at him to stop and get in the house, but he drove off.

Extra patrol was requested by a woman in her apartment complex, telling officers about people smoking in the parking lot.

A man and woman were allegedly hitting each other in an SUV and fighting over what someone thought was an argument over a phone.

Someone reportedly called the police for advice after a friend reportedly left a card with their name on it in a vehicle and they were being accused of attending a party that they didn’t go to.

Two skateboarders in their 30s allegedly complied with a building owner’s request to move along after damaging a wall they were griding on. She asked officers if the skateboarders were located, to tell them they would be trespassing if they went on the property and asked for extra patrol during the night.

An employee told officers a man wearing a red shirt and green beanie was yelling at people waiting for the bus. Other people waiting for the bus weren’t scared by his yelling.

Someone allegedly had photos of people keying their vehicle.

A woman reportedly told officers she would hit a small white car illegally parked in an area marked by yellow, if she tried to back out of her driveway.

Dispatch allegedly heard a woman discussing “inappropriate things” on an open line to 911, however, there weren’t any sounds of distress. Officers made contact and it was an accidental dial.

A man was reportedly driving erratically when he couldn’t stay in a lane or maintain the speed limit.

A man on a walk reportedly saw a motor home, an SUV with a trailer, a truck and a man with a shopping cart on a property that he said needed to be moved along.

Someone reportedly broke into a storage unit and stole a TV, two bed sets, a kitchen mixer, a Vitamix brand blender and a container full of jewelry.

A front wheel allegedly fell off a truck and blocked a lane.