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How to make your business stand out during the recruitment process

| August 4, 2023 12:00 AM

Effective job description

One of the most crucial ways to make your business stand out during recruitment is to create a concise job description that clearly communicates the required skills, job responsibilities and employee compensation and benefits. While it is not required, disclosing pay ranges on job listings will attract more high-quality candidates because it provides transparency.

Bullet point your desired applicant qualifications, employee benefits and job duties for ease in scanning. Separate your required qualifications and preferred skills to attract more applicants. A transparent, concise job description that is easy to read will gather more applications than a non-formatted one. View this article for more advice on writing effective job descriptions.

Candidates’ job application experience

Keep it simple to apply: Stand out by providing a quick, seamless application process for prospective candidates. Post your job listing on multiple online platforms, in-person job boards and recruitment agencies to maximize your reach. In the least, post your job on multiple job search engines, such as Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn to provide easy access for your prospective applicants. As of May 2023, 80% of job searches were completed online whereas 85% of jobs were filled through networking (Kolmar, 2023). Even though we live in a digital age, about half of all job applications are completed through job boards (Kolmar, 2023). For these reasons, it is important to diversify the locations where candidates can apply.

Include all application requirements: List the application requirements and provide a place to submit all of the forms and information in the application. Some employers will post a job with an online application, but ask for the applicant to send their cover letter or share three reasons why they should be hired via email in the fine print at the bottom of the description. While this may be effective in determining which applicants read the entire job description, each additional step slows the application process and reduces the number of completed applications.

Keep the process quick: Don’t let the interview process stretch out for months. It will alienate many prospective candidates. If you are preparing for many applications, consider asking prospective candidates to answer a few questions via a one-sided recorded interview when they apply. These one-sided interviews can reduce the time recruiters spend interviewing candidates by acting as a screening exercise. Many online job board platforms, like Indeed, have built-in options for one-sided interviews and technical or personality assessments recruiters can require applicants to do to complete their applications.

Keep the applicants up-to-date: Whether a prospective candidate has passed the screening exercises or not, it is important to tell them so as soon as possible. Sometimes employers have a series of pre-interview assessments, one-sided interviews, two-way or panel interviews, and mock-work assignments. When employers have an interview process this long, it’s important not to let it drag out for months or forget to contact applicants who completed one or more of these steps. Recruiters may lose many applicants to other employers if current communication with applicants is not kept.

Share company values and work environment: Treat the interview process as an opportunity to learn about potential candidates and for them to learn about your business. Provide opportunities for applicants to ask questions during their two-way or panel interviews. Recruiters can also utilize video and social media to showcase virtual tours of their work environment and share employee testimonials. Sharing your business’s mission, work culture and organizational pathways with prospective candidates will attract like minded applicants.

What do your candidates want?

Solve industry issues: Every industry has some pain points workers would like to see improved. Low staffing and complicated insurance policies may improve the health care work environment. Finding networking opportunities and interpreting clients’ creative desires may be point points for graphic/visual designers. If your organization can offer solutions to common employee pain points, your business will attract many high-quality candidates.

Tailor to your prospective candidates’ needs: Attract high-quality candidates by appealing to their needs. Employers realize that an employee’s life is not solely consumed by their work. Whether prospective candidates have children, health concerns, educational endeavors, or other commitments, the best employers create opportunities for their employees to thrive in the workplace. This may mean providing a quiet workspace with calm LED lighting for those sensitive to noise or have sensory processing conditions. Or offering a flexible schedule with some remote work for those with other commitments. By tailoring workspaces to employees’ needs, recruiters can attract more high-quality candidates and promote a healthy work environment.

Offer attractive benefits: In addition to traditional benefits, consider offering unique perks that complement a work-life balance. Professional development, remote work, wellness days, gym memberships, higher education/training opportunities, networking events, and business meals are just some examples to distinguish your business. Similar to tailoring employees’ work environment towards their needs, offering great benefits can be the reason why prospective candidates choose to work for your business rather than a different one — even if the other business offers a higher salary.

Include remote work: If your business operates in the technology or digital sectors, emphasize opportunities to work remotely. Remote work has been mentioned many times because it can be a powerful asset to your business. Not only are you able to offer flexibility for your employees, but you can also hire applicants from varying locations, extending your reach and receiving top talent for your business.

Clear career development: Outline a growth plan for employees that includes opportunities for professional development and advancement. Enabling employees to pursue both personal and professional goals increases employees’ morale, allows for a work-life balance, and strengthens your personnel’s skills.

Essentially, illustrating that your business values their employees’ well-being will help your business stand out from the rest.

Incorporate Montana’s lifestyle

Montana is a beautiful and unique place that offers many lifestyle benefits. Show prospective candidates the benefits of working for your business in Montana by providing opportunities unique to the state.

Company retreats in scenic locations: If possible, consider organizing company retreats or team-building activities in Montana's beautiful locations. This can create a unique experience for employees and potential candidates. Glacier National Park, Whitefish Mountain Resort, Flathead Lake, and other parks, lakes and resorts may offer great opportunities for unique work community events.

Community involvement: Montana has a tight-knit community spirit. Showcase any community involvement or charitable activities your company engages in, as this will appeal to candidates who value giving back and being part of a close community. Prospective candidates may also appreciate participating in such events and wish to support like minded businesses.

Recreational employee benefits: Consider offering recreational employee benefits that align with Montana's outdoor lifestyle. For instance, you could provide passes for national parks or ski resorts. Many individuals who reside in Montana appreciate the outdoor recreation lifestyle. Providing recreational benefits can highlight your business under the Big Sky.

Local partnerships: Highlight any partnerships or collaborations with local Montana businesses or organizations. This demonstrates your commitment to supporting the local economy and community. Some prospective candidates appreciate working for a business that supports their local community.

Montana heritage: If your business has deep roots in Montana, share the story of how it was founded and its historical significance. Candidates may be drawn to companies with a strong connection to the state's heritage.

Recruiters can attract top talent by posting jobs with clearly written descriptions that illustrate the required skills, employee benefits and perks, and job responsibilities. Recruiters can maintain quality prospective candidates by keeping the application and interview process as simple and quick as possible and keeping applicants current on their application status. By providing a work environment that is tailored towards employee’s needs and offers attractive benefits, businesses can stand out amongst their competition. Lastly, recruiters can highlight benefits gained specifically by working in Montana’s tight-knit, recreational community.


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