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Law roundup: Pranksters flushed out by police

by Daily Inter Lake
| December 6, 2023 12:00 AM

Two teens at a playground allegedly thought it was hilarious to tip over a portable toilet with their friend inside it. The porta-potty was upright by the time a Columbia Falls Police Department officer responded and the unfortunate friend was gone. The officer counseled the teens and told them to go home. Outside of vandalism issues, it was unlikely that they thought of the potential skin and eye irritation and diseases their friend could be exposed to from the toilet contents.

A bong was reportedly found in a student’s locker. No drug residue was found in the device which was thrown away. The school issued a discipline notice and called the child’s parents.

A worried parent took their daughter to the emergency room after she was allegedly hit with a metal bat at a Kalispell school.

Someone in Lakeside called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office complaining that “literally 90 contractor trucks” were parked along Conrad Point and wanted deputies to drop everything and solve the issue that day. 

A man holding a metal bar reportedly burglarized a Columbia Falls lumber mill building, stealing a table saw and cordless drill. He also cut an air line from a compressor to siphon and steal diesel.

While checking her credit report, a woman allegedly became aware of someone fraudulently filing for an unemployment claim under her name.

A vehicle allegedly hit a truck plowing snow head-on. 

Someone calling from Kalispell was allegedly sent a fraudulent check and said there was a different name on the check to the person they had been talking to and said they were aware of about four different names involved in the incident.

A stoplight in Hungry Horse was reportedly turned sideways and someone was concerned that drivers couldn’t see it properly and that it would fall.

Someone in Bigfork allegedly stole a man’s Bluetooth speaker and Sony headphones and was trying to sell them.