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Law roundup: Woman claims police stole her crystal

| February 1, 2023 12:00 AM

A woman walked into the Kalispell Police Department looking to file complaints against several officers for previously confiscating her “crystal.” She also told authorities that she was tired of being broke and separated from her children.

Worried about the health of a friend, a woman asked that officers conduct a wellness check. She said the two had regular outings, but her friend had since stopped responding to her. When she swung by her friend’s house and banged on the door, she got no answer. Since her friend had underlying health issues, she was worried the other woman was incapacitated. Officers checking the home later on were greeted by the woman, who agreed to call her concerned friend.

A man told police he spoke with his ex the night before and it sounded as though she was under the influence of drugs.

The neighbor’s constantly barking dogs got on a man’s last nerve and he asked police for help. He said the animals barked all day and all night. When asked to take action, the neighbors never seemed to make much effort, he said. Officers left a note at the neighbor’s home, but reported hearing no barking at the time.

Employees of a local store contacted police after a man previously barred from their premises returned allegedly yelling about getting camera footage of a broken taillight. The employee told dispatchers he thought the man might be wanted by authorities and also asked that they cite him for trespassing. Managers later nixed that latter idea and the man moved along.

A woman told officers that a man she had requested a temporary restraining order against had entered her workplace. She told him to leave, but failed to alert authorities. Now he was using a friend’s phone to call her. Officers unsuccessfully tried to track the man down to serve him with the restraining order and they recommended the woman call police if he showed back up at her job or at her home.

Concerned about his child’s safety, a parent told officers that a homeless person approached her while she was on the playground of her school. According to the parent, the girl’s teacher’s aide told her to stay away from the man. He later went into a nearby tent surrounded by caution tape. Authorities planned to discuss the incident with the school resource officer.

A woman reported the theft of a bicycle from her apartment.

A man claiming to be a volunteer firefighter told police that he saw a man and a woman in a vehicle parked near a local supermarket doing drugs intravenously. A child was also inside the vehicle, he said. Responding officers were unable to locate a vehicle matching the man’s description.

Officers headed to an area parking lot where a black pickup allegedly was performing donuts and, according to the caller, coming extremely close to parked cars. The parking lot was quiet when police arrived.

A caller reported kids hanging around the neighborhood and “making a bunch of noise,” including revving engines and slamming car doors.

A resident concerned about a homeless person living between their house and a nearby business asked police for help. The man was making the resident’s girlfriend nervous and he wanted to know what action could be taken. Arriving officers determined the man was staying on property owned by a business and not the resident’s land. If representatives of the business wanted the man removed, officers would move him along. They also offered to walk the resident’s girlfriend to her vehicle in the morning if she remained concerned.