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Law roundup: I scream, you scream, we all scream

| February 3, 2023 12:00 AM

Officers with the Kalispell Police Department were summoned to the location of a man who was accused of screaming obscenities at passersby.

Two men screaming at one another prompted a call to police. Responding officers banned the pair from the location.

A man and two women were all screaming at each other and police were called after the man allegedly took a swing. The participants deemed it a verbal argument only and officers counseled the man on his behavior.

Police responded to a report of a man pulling items out of a vehicle and tossing them onto the ground while screaming. The male turned out to be a woman and she denied yelling. She agreed to keep it down and refrain from yelling obscenities.

Authorities were called to a building where a tenant allegedly had been yelling for two weeks straight. The caller told dispatchers that the tenant had attacked him and other guests verbally and the situation had grown worse after he served her with eviction paperwork last week. He wanted officers to tell her to stop or take her to the hospital.

A theft victim turned amateur sleuth passed along information regarding possible drug deals he was tracking on his former phone. The caller told officers he previously reported his phone as stolen. Now he was tracking it using a second phone and said he could see drug deals and weird messages arriving on his old device. He wanted officers to help him recover his stolen phone.

A city plow truck dealt a parked car minor damage after bumping into it.

Someone wanted a man eating lunch at a table inside a location removed because he was previously banned from the premises. Officers looked up the individual, but could not find a trespass order for him.

A caller asked to speak with an animal control officer about getting a chicken permit in the city.

After receiving a ticket, a man wanted police to answer a few questions he had about the timeline and circumstances of the violation.

Two vehicles parked in a cul-de-sac provoked the ire of a resident, who wanted to know if police could do something about the situation. The vehicles had spent about six months in the same spot. When previously stickered, the owner just moved them into a driveway for a week and then returned them to the street. They boasted Oregon and Arizona plates. Officers again stickered the vehicles.

Young drivers taking advantage of the slippery roads to have fun prompted a call to authorities. A resident worried that all the sliding around and speeding would lead to an injury. The caller, described as very upset, hung up before officers could get any other information about the incidents.

A man who jumped out of a moving vehicle prompted several 911 calls. His father told police that the vehicle was moving at about 25 miles per hour when the younger man leapt out. He was now limping. Other witnesses suggested the man needed medical attention. He appeared to be suffering from a hurt leg or knee and was described as bloody. When officers talked with the man, he said his door was ripped open and he was forced out. He declined medical care and appeared to now be walking fine.

Officers reminded a woman that she was trespassed from a relative’s home after she turned up there. The woman told police she planned on leaving and had a train ticket out of Montana.

A woman caught doing brodies in an area parking lot got a talking to from officers about her driving behavior. She agreed to refrain from performing brodies in the future.