Monday, March 20, 2023

Law roundup: Man takes a gamble on stealing dice

by Daily Inter Lake
| February 5, 2023 12:00 AM

A man allegedly took a gamble on shoplifting and stole a pair of dice at a store. An employee told the Kalispell Police Department the store would prosecute if the product was found on the man.

It wasn't a man's fashion choice to wear a faux fur coat and hat that stopped traffic, it was that he decided to walk in the road.

A student told the Kalispell Police Department he wanted to sign up for gym to “enhance his warrior skills” when he thought he saw a knife “come out of” a man’s jacket before he stepped out of the building.

An employee reportedly couldn’t awaken a man found curled up around a beer can on the floor of a bathroom stall. The man was taken to the warming center.

A woman allegedly stepped on a needle that somehow got lodged in her hip. When she called the police to report her predicament, the needle purportedly came out and she said, “Nevermind,” and hung up.

A Labrador on the loose was reportedly frequenting a deer carcass for meals and charged a woman and her dog while they were walking home. She said it was the second time the dog was loose, but it didn't act aggressively then. An officer told the Labrador owner about his dog’s eating habits the owner and counseled him about the city’s ordinance on unrestrained dogs.

A panhandler allegedly stood in front of a sign that stated “no panhandling.”

Someone thought it was strange to see a blue backpack by a coffee shop all day and thought officers might want to go through it. The backpack turned out to be a sleeping bag.

An apartment manager reportedly called officers for advice regarding tenants possibly using, or dealing, methamphetamine.

A woman allegedly wandered around, talking to herself, and then stood by a tree, picking off the bark for about 15 minutes.

Police received a call from an employee alleging a man in a black Dodge Ram sat in the parking lot dealing drugs for more than an hour and then gave the employee the finger and drove away after seeing they were on the phone. The frustrated employee complained that people were often dealing drugs in the parking lot.

A woman allegedly had difficulty talking and driving and hung up on dispatch after her phone, which was in a cup holder, dialed 911.

A squatter allegedly set up camp in an announcer's booth.

Someone alerted police about a vehicle with “help” written on the side.

A woman claimed she drove into the wrong lanes to avoid an accident and couldn’t find her hazard lights to turn on in an attempt to signal the move was intentional.

A woman reportedly found an Apple AirTag and was nervous after learning they are used to track people and devices and requested extra patrol in her neighborhood.

Officers received a report of a “creepy” man allegedly wandering around an alley over a few days and loitering by a garage.

Two sleeping bags were spotted on the steps of a building’s main entrance and someone requested extra patrol out of concern that whoever owned them would return that night to sleep.

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