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Law roundup: Sledders decide to slide down windshields

| February 6, 2023 12:00 AM

Someone thought it looked like kids sledding down a hill had walked over to a parking lot where they reportedly jumped on cars and slid down windshields. The person wasn’t sure if there was any damage and told the Kalispell Police Department they contacted a motel to see if there was any security footage available.

A skinny man wearing glasses allegedly walked into an apartment building lobby with a 7-inch knife tucked under his arm.

People were reportedly ringing someone’s doorbell and making weird noises outside their apartment for about an hour.

A man, who was hard to understand and had difficulty answering dispatchers’ questions, reportedly wanted officers to take a photo of his black eye. He then said he was calling too late, said goodnight and hung up.

A man in his backyard allegedly yelled derogatory and threatening statements at a woman walking her dog down an alley.

A vehicle window was reportedly broken and a pistol with night sights and a full clip was stolen.

A man allegedly went overboard harassing an ex when he sent concerning texts and put items under her car while she was at work. Officers spoke with the man who said he set the items there because he didn’t want to see her. Officers advised him about stalking and to not contact her again. He reportedly asked how to apply for a protection order and his questions were answered.

A man reportedly felt he was being stalked by his ex-wife and her family after his vehicle was broken into and the title stolen; multiple employers made derogatory statements about him; and people were repeating things he’d spoken in the privacy of his home.

A driver for a rideshare company allegedly made sexual comments and tried to get a customer’s phone number. Feeling uncomfortable, the customer asked to be dropped off at a location different from her destination and told officers she tried to get another driver and was stranded. She told officers she had the driver’s first name but couldn’t recall what type of vehicle they were in and said she would check the app.

A woman asked officers to check on her mother’s welfare after she was reportedly kicked out of a motel and slept in her car overnight. Officers made contact with the mother who was OK. They saw she was wearing adequate clothing for winter, had food and water and had the heater running.

A man submitted an online report to police alleging someone stole his vehicle registration and insurance card out of his van while he was at work. He said nothing more of any value was taken.

A company reportedly wanted an officer in the area when they planned to confiscate a trailer and side-by-side that a salesman had kept or sold but hadn’t refunded the company in case issues arose.

Two utility trucks and an unattached boat trailer allegedly hadn’t been moved in a while and were blocked in by snow berms.