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Law roundup: Wannabe avenger should eat crow

by Daily Inter Lake
| February 7, 2023 12:00 AM

A wannabe avenger reportedly wrote an obscenity in mud on a truck parked in a spot designated for disabled individuals that didn’t have a permit visible. A note was also left stating the alleged offense would be reported to the property manager and police. Kalispell Police Department wrote a ticket that was later voided when the registered owner’s disabled veteran status was confirmed. Officers contacted the person who left the note, advising them of the person’s status. At the vehicle owner’s request, the officer advised them not to write obscenities on vehicles if they were also responsible for that too.

Someone reportedly called the police on behalf of a bartender who could smell fentanyl in a casino and thought people were doing it in the parking lot and coming inside the business. Officers walked through the building to check it out.

Wireless earbuds were reported stolen at a school and the owner told officers they knew the suspect and were tracking the tech around town. The owner recovered the earbuds and wanted to file a report.

A man with a walking stick reportedly had enough bounce in his step to jump in front of cars trying to pass him on Whitefish Stage Road. He was also seen tossing things into traffic.

A man allegedly stole a woman’s bank information and used an app to withdraw $100 from her account. The woman, who was calling from Indiana, said staff have his information and video footage of the incident.

Someone purportedly used a camera viewfinder to watch a man with a box on his head go into the street and flip cars off on Meridian Road.

A woman and her boyfriend, who was holding his daughter, were allegedly pushed out the door by his roommate who slammed it shut.