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Law roundup:Dividing line deepens between neighbors

by Daily Inter Lake
| February 9, 2023 12:00 AM

Division between neighbors deepened when a woman called the Kalispell Police Department claiming her neighbor was banging on her door and had “challenged her” by asking if she was having company over, to which she replied that it was none of his business. She told the police there was an ongoing issue with him parking in her spot, that he was a “con” and she was afraid of him. He claimed he knocked on her door to apologize and said the constant disagreements were about his vehicle encroaching on her property line. Both parties were advised to act neighborly and give each other space.

Two men got into a staring match when one of them reportedly saw the other, who was wearing a backpack, open a vehicle door, reach in and grab something. He stopped grabbing things when the two locked eyes and stood there, staring back. The person who grabbed items finally walked away from the vehicle, leaving the door open. The confrontation concluded with one of the men being voluntarily transported to the emergency room.

Officers received a call from someone alleging a man and woman in a white truck in front of the neighbor’s house were smoking from a “crack pipe” with a kid in tow.

Someone looking at a house for sale got their Jeep stuck in a driveway behind the residence and “didn’t have the means to look up a tow truck.” They asked if dispatch could assist. They also mentioned that they didn’t have a way to pay for tow.

A branch manager driving by a location spotted a bunch of teenagers and approximately 10 vehicles in the parking lot and wanted them removed from the premises. Officers moved the group along.

Dumpster divers were reportedly making a mess behind a business. Officers were unable to locate them.

A firearm was allegedly found in an office bathroom. A woman called the police, who picked up the firearm from the location.

A man who lived in his vehicle wanted to know if there was anywhere in the city he could park his car overnight and not get towed. His questions were answered.