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Law roundup: Who let the dogs out? (Who, who, who, who, who)

| February 10, 2023 12:00 AM

An Akita-mix overcame a fenced yard to chase after another dog, prompting a response from the Kalispell Police Department. The resident reporting the loose dog told officers that she unsuccessfully tried to call its owner. Though the dog had returned to its home by the time officers arrived, the caller reported the animal for barking constantly and seeming aggressive, potentially a danger to the other animals in the neighborhood.

As officers approached the dog’s home — they followed the sound of barking — another neighborhood resident stopped them to complain about the canine. Officers directed them to call it into the department. Arriving at the home, authorities found no one home. They left a message for the dog’s owner to call them and noted that the canine jumped at the officers through the window.

At the behest of neighbors, police visited a house supposedly home to multiple barking dogs. Officers spotted two large breed dogs barking inside. They left a note for the owner to contact them.

An overweight chihuahua or Jack Russell terrier mix was found at a local hotel. Officers took it to the county shelter.

Someone spotted a black and red Ford Thunderbird with a catalytic converter left out in plain sight in the vehicle.

Authorities notified the Montana Department of Transportation after a stoplight stopped working.

An employee of a local business asked authorities to remove a bicycle chained up behind the firm’s building. The worker registered disappointment when officers declined to cut the chain.

Finding a black suitcase left in the road, a passerby offered to drop it off at department headquarters.

A resident came across a man camped out and asked officers to have him “removed from the city.” Officers counseled the resident.

A man wandering out into traffic turned out to be suffering a medical emergency. Officers took him to a local medical center.

Responding to a report of a man in a snowbank, police turned to the Kalispell Fire Department for help. Although breathing, the man proved unresponsive and needed medical care.

A maintenance worker had authorities called after coming across a man passed out over a steering wheel. He told his colleague he suspected drug use. When officers arrived, they found the man sleeping in the driver’s seat with the engine off. He allegedly admitted smoking weed and agreed to go inside and not drive.

A woman called asking for a ride to a local shelter. She told dispatchers someone stole her wallet on the way into town via bus from Utah. She had planned to visit a friend, but the friend no longer lived in Kalispell, it turned out. Dispatchers gave her directions as all available officers were busy at the moment.

A “highly intoxicated” neighbor allegedly tried to get into another man’s apartment after threatening him. Officers counseled everyone involved and gave out information on how to secure a temporary restraining order.

A resident reported several individuals throwing snowballs at their home. Officers checked the home, but could find no one in the area.