Monday, June 05, 2023

Law roundup: Man threatens to blow up building

by Daily Inter Lake
| February 14, 2023 12:00 AM

A man allegedly carrying a fake stick of dynamite threatened to return to a business and blow up the building.

The Kalispell Police Department received other calls about a man threatening to blow up buildings.

Three short-term vacation rental guests reportedly violated their agreement with the homeowner when the latter saw another man show up with suitcases on an outdoor security camera. The homeowner told the guests they were no longer welcome and called the police from Mexico to report that the belligerent guests refused to leave.

Two customers reportedly got into a fight in a parking lot where one man, wearing a beanie and green hoodie, started swinging a piece of wood, which someone later took away. Employees told an officer the man wearing the beanie had hit a parked truck with the piece of wood, but the pickup left before anyone could tell the owner about the incident.

A suitcase on wheels allegedly was left chained to a mailbox support for two to three days.

A Salt Lake City air traffic controller notified officers that a pilot reported someone in the area of the city airport shined a laser into his cockpit three nights in a row.

A black Nissan truck reportedly hit a crosswalk pole, damaging it, and drove away.

A man carrying a white garbage bag reportedly got into a building where he banged on residents’ doors yelling for help.

An intoxicated man with a gash over his nose was allegedly pushed out of a saloon for acting disorderly. He didn’t take the cue to leave and returned through the backdoor. Officers moved him along.

A 20-year-old and 19-year-old woman allegedly pulled up to a home in a silver sedan and began ringing the doorbell and pounding on the door, trying to fight the resident. They were advised to go home and try working out their issues another time.

A woman was found sleeping with a cat in a stairwell.

A man reportedly returned to his vehicle after shopping to find its back window shattered.

Someone wearing a black hoodie allegedly tried to get into a locked car and then went to the neighbor’s house and got into their vehicle.

A maroon Chevy had reportedly been parked on a street for about three years and was now iced in as plows moved around it all winter. The person calling in with the complaint said the owner just removed sticker notices to remove the vehicle.

A man allegedly harassed his ex at a gas station and broke the key to her vehicle while it was in the ignition switch so she was unable to drive away. She borrowed a phone to call the police.

A woman in her early 20s reportedly tried to steal someone’s car and a bag inside it.

An employee allegedly had security video footage of a man leaving a child in a black SUV for more than an hour.

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