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Law roundup: Commotion gets man banned

by Daily Inter Lake
| February 15, 2023 12:00 AM

Someone who reportedly had a man banned from a location for a day called the Kalispell Police Department wanting to extend the ban to a month and have him cited for trespassing when he showed up, argued with them and refused to leave. Although he left before officers arrived, the person was agitated enough to ask officers to tell the man he couldn’t be on the property for six months.

A shoplifter received a lifetime ban from a business.

Someone thought it was suspicious to see a woman look around and then run behind a store where she was allegedly followed by a green vehicle with a male driver.

A passerby saw a man reportedly following and harassing another man who was trying to walk away. Officers counseled both parties.

A window was broken out of a vehicle.

A man was allegedly harassing residents in an area where someone said they heard their neighbor yell, “Get away from me.”

A vehicle was reportedly swerving all over the road behind a police vehicle before stopping in front of the courthouse.