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Law roundup: Neighbor wants screamer to take the night off

| January 1, 2023 12:00 AM

Someone wanted to speak to a Kalispell Police Department officer about a neighbor who allegedly spends their evenings screaming outside.

Four people got into a fight in a parking lot, with two individuals receiving multiple facial injuries. One of the men went to the hospital.

An old man, who walked with a limp, reportedly passed a man pushing a shopping cart in a store and said, “You’re in the wrong part of the county,” because he was Black and used a racial slur.

Three 15- to 17-year-olds allegedly harassed employees and recorded them until they were kicked out. The manager told officers the teens posted the videos on social media. Officers told the manager she could have the group cited for trespassing if they returned.

A gas station customer thought it was odd that a man wearing a black top hat and a tan trench coat was reportedly going through vending machines at the car wash looking for change and rummaging through trash.

A woman went to the police department to report her common-law husband for reportedly pawning all her family heirlooms and wanted help with getting information from the pawn shop.

A woman became very concerned her diabetic friend might be in a coma when she called her on her birthday throughout the week and she didn’t answer. Eventually, she got a hold of her and found out she was OK.

A woman said, “Hello,” and a man said, “Can I get out,” on an open line before disconnecting.