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Law roundup: Pair get in a tangle over hair conditioner

by Daily Inter Lake
| January 2, 2023 12:00 AM

Kalispell Police Department responded to a report of a man and a woman getting into a yelling match over her hair conditioner being used. He claimed she grabbed him by the cheek with her fingertips causing it to bleed. She said he scratched himself on the face to get her in trouble. The pair were separated.

A woman, who appeared to be on drugs, reportedly ran out in front of a semi, fell down, got up and returned to the side of the street where she fell into a snow bank.

A weird guy was purportedly wandering the neighborhood, surveying his surroundings, and “sort of wiggling around.”

A man wearing a mask with his hood up allegedly sprayed another man in the face with bear spray and left.

Officers received a later report from a casino employee who said a man wearing a mask and dressed in all black went into a casino and maced a customer.

Two men reportedly pulled up to a building in a silver vehicle where they kept asking an employee if he was a cop. Then, they drove about a block away and got into a red SUV.

A young woman was taken to the warming shelter after she came out of a room and went to a parking lot where she began yelling and talking incoherently to someone who wasn’t there.

Someone reportedly broke into a car and stole a Glock 48.

A business requested a transient be moved along because he was taking up space with his bags, was darting about and hiding behind dumpsters. He had also threatened staff in the past.

A woman’s sister allegedly sent her a box of baby items but wrote down the wrong digit in the P.O. box number and someone else picked it up. She was upset that the post office and police wouldn’t provide information as to who picked up the box. Officers counseled her about mail theft being a federal crime and directed her back to the post office to conduct an investigation into the mail mix-up.

A woman walked up to someone in a smoke shelter at a business and claimed her child was in an accident and she needed a ride. The person thought she was not “with it” and called the police. The woman moved along.

An assistant manager reportedly received a counterfeit $100 bill.

A woman in a mud-covered SUV was heard screaming at a man to let her go. Officers arrived at the scene where the vehicle was taken to secure storage and the pair were detained.

Someone left a trailer on the bypass until the inclement weather passed only to return to find merchandise it contained stolen, including a lawn mower.

Someone was suspicious of a black truck pulling a trailer with no license plates because there was reportedly a heap of bicycle and motorcycle frames in the back and they thought they might be stolen.

A water department employee checking meters allegedly saw a man and woman with backpacks, rummaging through mailboxes. They put the mail back when they noticed they were being watched and went in and out of a tent behind a house with boarded-up windows and padlocked doors.