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Law roundup: Back-alley neutering goes wrong

by Daily Inter Lake
| January 3, 2023 12:00 AM

A woman alleged her neighbor tried to neuter her cat after it went missing for a day and returned home with a protruding testicle injury. A qualified veterinarian reportedly said the botched neutering was an “at-home job” and the cat needed to have surgery.

Someone told Kalispell Police Department officers they had to swerve to miss a woman walking into traffic who appeared “not to be in her right mind.” An officer made contact with the woman. She requested a ride to a gas station to heat up her burrito. The officer turned down the request as she had previously accused officers of stealing from her during past courtesy transports. She declined any other assistance.

An upset mother called the police to report a woman wearing blue face paint and a man with blue hands, who appeared to be drugged out, when the man reportedly cornered her son in the bathroom, telling him to remove his shirt so he could see his chest and asked if he wanted to go on a date.

A woman under the influence of drugs allegedly threw herself against the wall at a location and beat herself. She asked police to take her to the emergency room to begin detoxing so she could go to treatment.

A park visitor allegedly smelled a foul odor and thought it meant that transients were spreading out in the park, and not using the bathroom facilities to relieve themselves. Officers in the area didn’t see or smell anything that appeared out of the ordinary.

A man reportedly shot himself in the hand while putting a red dot sight on his gun.

A woman acting strangely near an elementary school raised someone's suspicions when she took the contents out of her backpack and began swinging it around. The person said they saw her earlier as well. Officers made contact with the woman who said she wanted a ride to the sheriff’s office to check on her kids but wasn't listening when law enforcement talked to her.

An employee was afraid to head outside after seeing an individual, who appeared to be on drugs, going through boxes and equipment between vans and in front of the building’s bay doors. The person was taken to the warming center.

A stolen vehicle was recovered from a parking lot.

A woman called officers to report her vehicle title and registration stolen. She reportedly heard from a neighbor that a number of other vehicles had been broken into recently.