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Law roundup: Episode of 'Bad Girls Club' nearly turns into 'Cops'

| January 6, 2023 12:00 AM

The constant drama of a reality television show apparently got a local man worked up enough to earn a visit from the Kalispell Police Department. Officers checked in on him after a neighbor reported hearing him throwing things around and making a lot of noise. Though he explained that he was angry from watching “Bad Girls Club,” officers still suggested he tone it down.

A man allegedly took $1,290 in merchandise from an area business.

Police investigated the theft of food from a local shop.

Officers attempted to find a man reportedly sprawled out on the sidewalk next to a bicycle. While they did not locate anyone on the ground, they spotted a man riding a bicycle that matched the description and he looked OK.

An employee of a local business phoned authorities after a motorist repeatedly sped through the parking lot. The employee reported recognizing the driver as a man who has previously come onto the property to use drugs in the bathroom.

Officers stopped to speak with a pedestrian regarding the city’s leash laws.

The patron of a local business called the police because a man dressed like a woman allegedly entered the women’s restroom while his daughter was inside. He claimed the man worked for the business.

Officers responded to a parking lot for a report of teenagers spinning doughnuts in four or five trucks, as well as setting off fireworks and drinking beer. They found a group of juveniles in the area, but these teens assured authorities they were innocent of the allegations and promised to call if they saw anyone else causing trouble.

The owner or manager of a local business asked police to bar a one-time patron from the premises after the man allegedly threatened a transgender employee.

A husband called regarding past and ongoing computer hacking. He believed that his wife’s ex-boyfriend in New York was breaking into the couple’s various accounts, though he admittedly had no proof. He also offered no evidence that any account suffered hacking. Investigators concluded no crimes had been committed.

Officers headed to an area parking lot for a report of teenagers lighting off fireworks.

A hotel employee told police that a guest came down to the front desk and reported getting into a fight. When officers tracked down the guest, she said it all got worked out and no one needed to speak with the authorities.

The owner of a business turned over surveillance footage of a man and a woman stealing power tools from his compan