Saturday, February 04, 2023

Law roundup: Staff try to stop woman from drinking and driving

by Daily Inter Lake
| January 12, 2023 12:00 AM

Someone called the Kalispell Police Department when a belligerent woman allegedly threatened and hit a bartender. The caller said they had the woman’s keys. Dispatchers heard a lot of swearing and a woman crying in the background. Employees escorted the woman out and tried to keep her calm and get her to stay there until officers arrived so she didn’t drive. They asked officers to advise her against returning because she would be considered trespassing.

A woman reportedly found a friendly pigeon hobbling around her car before learning a rescue organization wasn’t taking in birds because of the prevalence of avian flu.

A man wearing a camo sweatshirt was given a lifetime ban from store property after yelling and video recording people inside.

A man with white hair, a white goatee and neck tattoo went into a store and allegedly stole a tip cup containing $40.

An employee reportedly found a man’s backpack containing drugs. He told officers his friend was looking for it.

A man allegedly went to the police department and said he was trying to get a hold of the Los Angeles Fire Department and then asked for a ride “to where the German shepherds are” before going into a courtroom and messing with stuff. An officer told him to stay in the lobby or go to the library if he needed to use a computer. He subsequently began mumbling. A judge was advised about his behavior.

Someone calling for a cousin wanted to know how long it took before a ticket turned into a warrant. They were advised to check the court date on the ticket.

A man who allegedly couldn’t stop arguing with everyone on the second floor of a building and leave was given a one-month ban from the premises.

A gray Dodge Ram pickup with blankets covering the windows allegedly sat in a parking lot for two weeks.

A mother and her baby were reportedly woken up each day at 6 a.m. to a chorus of eight barking German shepherd dogs. A citation was issued to the canines’ owner, who had been previously warned about barking complaints.

A man wanted two males, who appeared to be in their teens, counseled about their behavior when they allegedly drove by in a truck and almost hit him and his dog. Words were exchanged following the scare.

A front desk employee called officers to report someone in a room that should have been unoccupied. The squatter had locked the deadbolt. The room was cleared and a man was kicked off the property.

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