Saturday, February 04, 2023

Law roundup: Man walking in road allegedly hit by car

by Daily Inter Lake
| January 16, 2023 12:00 AM

Kalispell Police Department responded to a report that a vehicle allegedly hit a man with a shopping cart who was walking in the middle of the street. The driver claimed it was very hard to see him and they had to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting him. The man got up and walked around. Officers escorted him back to his residence.

A woman, reportedly being harassed by her mother-in-law at work, was advised to talk to her employer to have the in-law banned from being on the property and told she could obtain a temporary restraining order if things escalated.

A man and woman were allegedly “losing their minds,” in a parking lot over an issue with a dog. The woman was “yelling bloody murder” and the man drove away from her. The woman caught up and reportedly started punching his car and he sped off again. Officers made contact with the heated couple who claimed they were not fighting, that their dog ran off and she was chasing it.

A woman wearing a pink jacket and a beanie allegedly damaged items in a store and refused to leave, but then ran away when an employee called the police.

Officers received a call about a woman wearing a maroon jacket and a gray hat who was reportedly ripping papers and talking to herself in a store that she refused to leave.

A physical disturbance was reported when a drunk man allegedly broke his wife’s phone and slammed her on the ground.

A man reportedly got into a fight with his cousin and punched the window of his vehicle, trying to prevent him from driving drunk.

A woman wearing a black hoodie and a tie-dye shirt allegedly kicked a trash can and threatened to punch machines.

A woman was reportedly concerned by an ex’s texts stating he was going to come over to pick up a dog after thinking he was told they could do a civil standby the next day and was scared because she thought he was “buggin.” She was advised to block his number but was afraid that would prompt him to show up. The man agreed not to contact her again and an officer checked the area at the woman’s request.

A later call came in where a man allegedly said he was going to break into the woman’s house, plant meth and kill her, saying there was a “hit out for her.” The dog was returned to the man and law enforcement was hopeful that would solve the issues for the night.

Officers located a stolen vehicle that reportedly sustained heavy damage.

A man’s ex allegedly took his vehicle and left hers but refused to tell him where they keys were and told officers his girlfriend’s and children’s belongings were in the other vehicle.

Someone was locking up and discovered a man wearing a red jacket hiding under a countertop and they wanted officers to move him along.

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