Saturday, February 04, 2023

Law roundup: Man too lazy to park in other spots

by Daily Inter Lake
| January 17, 2023 12:00 AM

A woman complained to the Kalispell Police Department about a Dodge truck with no front license plate continually parking in a handicapped designated spot. She alleged that one time the driver went so far as to drape ski bibs over the sign. She was irritated because her relatives use the spot.

A man wearing a black hoodie and colorful pants was allegedly found sleeping in a woman’s vehicle with the doors locked. The vehicle owner and another person knocked on the door, waking him up. Officers made contact with the man, who was fined.

An aggressive and noncompliant shoplifter wearing colorful snow pants was issued a citation and released.

Someone called officers on behalf of their mother to report signs of an attempted break-in at her residence. They said someone tried to saw through the door security chain and there were tracks in the snow.

A man reported a stolen firearm after entertaining three visitors.

A trailer reportedly hit and damaged a gas pump and curbing then left.

A man scratched a vehicle as he walked by it. Officers issued a citation and he was released.

An employee called the police to report a man’s disorderly behavior when he allegedly began cursing at employees and asked that he be removed as quickly as officers could get there. Dispatch could hear him yelling in the background and using vulgar language. He left in a green Chevy Silverado, but the employee wanted officers to tell him he could not return to the store if they found him.

A squatter was reportedly discovered in a hotel room and wouldn’t let anyone inside. She eventually left.

A pit bull mix wearing a service animal vest that had been kicked off library property for allegedly attacking another dog had returned and was acting aggressively to a courier animal in a truck. An employee said the dog got off its leash and lunged at the other dog. The employee wanted officers to tell her the dog is barred from the property.

A severely intoxicated man was seen urinating by a gazebo. He was reportedly engaging in an activity of a sexual nature when confronted by officers. Officers requested medical assistance, issued a citation and he was released.

A belligerent dog owner reportedly got out of her car and was not paying attention to a golden retriever that went up to a man walking with toddlers and nearly nipped one of the children’s backside. The man wanted officers to talk to the dog owner in hopes to prevent a child from potentially suffering a bite.

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