Saturday, February 04, 2023

Law roundup: Women not keen to take up man’s $20 offer

by Daily Inter Lake
| January 18, 2023 12:00 AM

A man dressed in blue, hanging out near an “ʼ80s van” parked by a casino, allegedly went up to women asking if they wanted to make $20.

Kalispell Police Department officers responded to a report that a woman allegedly hit her boyfriend in the face and threw things during a public break-up on the front lawn. Both parties denied anything physical occurred and there weren’t any visible injuries. The woman's roommate was counseled on how to evict her and told to call authorities if she acted up again.

A man wearing colorful pajama pants reportedly accosted another man walking out a door saying, “The (expletive) do it," and hollering, “Who are you,” three times. He appeared more as if he wanted to fight rather than perform a duet of The Who classic. The accosted man jumped into his vehicle and got out of there.

A woman wearing a backpack and carrying a garbage bag reportedly tried to kick in her cousin’s door and smacked their truck with something. Officers made contact with the woman.

A driver was reportedly trying to enter an area blocked by a moving van and asked the delivery man to get out of the way. That request resulted in words being exchanged and one man saying he would come back to “mess up” the other person’s vehicle.

A bearded man’s behavior in front of a store was reportedly disorderly and he got in a security employee’s face when asked to leave, which he refused to do. He was given a one-year ban from store property.

A mother allegedly wanted her child removed because of disorderly behavior. Both parent and child agreed to a plan and would follow up with a school resource officer.

An intoxicated 31-year-old was reportedly hitting her head against the wall yelling, “Stop hitting me,” and threatening to slash the tires of a parent’s vehicle, who called the police to report the incident and said they were having an issue about lost money.

An ambulance was called to transport a woman wearing a fedora who was found lying in an alley. Her eyes were open and she moved her head but was otherwise unresponsive.

A welfare check was requested for a woman who reportedly showed up at someone’s door crying, saying she mixed medications together, wanted an ambulance and had back pain but didn’t remember her name or her home address.

Employees wanted officers to check if a man left the location after allegedly causing problems for most of the workday and asking to see their financial records.

A blonde woman wearing a burgundy hoodie reportedly went into an apartment building claiming she was a resident, which an employee told police she was not. The woman had said she and her sons were in danger before storming out when refused entry into an apartment.

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