Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Law roundup: Neighbor’s dogs prompt questions about city ordinances

| January 20, 2023 12:00 AM

A reluctant resident called the Kalispell Police Department to inquire about whether a city ordinance caps the number of dogs an individual can own at one time. They felt that their neighbor had too many altogether and, even worse, struggled to clean up after the pets.

Pressed for an address, the caller reiterated that they just wanted to know the limit on dogs, but finally relented and said the pack of canines lived near the high school.

A van abandoned after it broke down several weeks back had been converted into a campsite in front of a resident’s apartment. The resident told officers that the vehicle lacked plates, but blankets had gone up on its windows. Officers slapped a sticker on the van.

A wedding ring found in a locker in a women’s bathroom was turned over to authorities.

Officers came across a group of pedestrians strolling down the middle of a road and asked them to stick to the sidewalk.

Authorities were called upon to perform a welfare check on a motorist found slumped over the wheel.

Moving between two residences in stages, a local woman contacted authorities after discovering her medical marijuana bong had gone missing. She recalled leaving it behind in her apartment while spending the night in her new digs. That evening the teenagers above the old apartment were throwing a party and she suspected they had grabbed the bong.

The woman later called back to report the bong had reappeared and she no longer needed police help.

Repeated banging and pounding prompted a resident to call the police department. They told dispatchers that property management had told them they needed to file multiple complaints with law enforcement before they could intervene. Responding officers heard nothing out of the ordinary.

A woman asked to meet an officer by her van to discuss the sticker she found placed on the vehicle. Officers counseled her about the 72 hour parking rule.

Police placed stickers on two vehicles blocked in by snow berms. The pair clearly had been left in the same spot for several weeks.

Employees of a local business spotted a woman walking out with several high-end tools. They included a description of the suspect and offered to turn over video footage and a receipt for the stolen property.

Officers helped a motorist who picked up a hitchhiker.

A man called dispatchers and told them his wife had “cold-clocked” him.

A motorist contacted authorities after spotting two men, both with dogs, about to come to fisticuffs. One of the men apparently was throwing punches and both were yelling. The motorist suspected it had something to do with the dogs.

A man was spotted wandering in the street, apparently ignoring the plowed sidewalk beside him. He was also making no effort to avoid oncoming traffic. Officers later met up with the pedestrian.

The individual behind the wheel of a Chevrolet truck apparently grew angry when another motorist flashed his lights to alert them to the fact that their high beams were still on. The Chevy sped up and drove straight at the other motorist, who had to swerve to get out of the way.

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