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Third Kalispell burglar sentenced in district court

Daily Inter Lake | January 20, 2023 12:00 AM

A Flathead County District Court judge sentenced earlier this month a third member of the quartet accused of breaking into a home in Kalispell's east side in March.

Joseph Claude Victoria, 20, received a suspended five-year sentence with the state Department of Corrections for felony conspiracy to commit burglary on Jan. 12. He also earned credit for five days of time served and was ordered to pay $200 in restitution to the victim.

Victoria initially pleaded not guilty to conspiracy as well as a second charge of tampering with a witness or informant. He struck a deal with prosecutors in November that saw them drop the latter charge in exchange for a guilty plea to the former. They also agreed to recommend the suspended sentence to Judge Robert Allison.

Victoria was one of four men Kalispell Police arrested following a botched March 26 break-in. The quartet allegedly planned to burglarize the home of an acquaintance, but ended up kicking in the door of the wrong house. The group fled after coming face-to-face with the frightened resident on the other side, court documents said.

After their arrests, Victoria allegedly threatened his accused co-conspirators, telling them he would kill them if they cooperated with authorities, which led to the tampering charge.

Brandon Lee Billings, who admitted in court to kicking down the door, was the first to plead out, earning a five-year sentence with the Department of Corrections in September. Billings received credit for five days of time served and was ordered to pay $200 in restitution.

Colton Theodore Wieczorek followed suit soon after, ending up with a five-year sentence with the Department of Corrections on Dec. 8. He received credit for 51 days of time served.

The remaining member of the group, Joseph Neva, pleaded guilty to felony criminal endangerment in connection with the aborted break-in on Dec. 7. His plea agreement wraps in a separate strangulation case, according to court documents.

In exchange for guilty pleas, prosecutors plan to recommend he serve a suspended five-year sentence with the Department of Corrections for the criminal endangerment charge and a deferred two-year sentence for misdemeanor partner or family member assault.

Neva’s sentencing is scheduled for Jan. 25.

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