Saturday, June 10, 2023

Law roundup: Caregiver goes to buy stamps, never returns

by Daily Inter Lake
| January 23, 2023 12:00 AM

A caregiver allegedly took $60 from a client to buy a roll of stamps and never returned.

Someone claiming to be from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children called the Kalispell Police Department about receiving a report of possible sex trafficking of young females and there may be video footage from a store.

An exasperated man complained about panhandlers asking him for money all the time at a US 93 store intersection and wanted officers to tell them it is not allowed. He also alleged that several people take shifts/turns panhandling there and then pile into a truck with a camper on it that takes them to other locations. Officers located a man, who was reportedly not breaking ordinances.

A store reportedly had an ongoing issue with a man changing into new clothes in the bathroom near the backdoor and then leaving. The store wanted him cited for trespassing and the merchandise returned. The man, who had a buzzcut, was last seen on a blue Officers received a report of a very tall man with thick glasses, who often carried a briefcase, was allegedly hanging around a store watching girls going in and out of dressing rooms. The store owner wanted him banned from returning.

A silver Specialized Hardrock mountain bike was reported stolen and footprints that looked to be size 11 were found in the snow.

A woman had questions for the Kalispell Police Department after reportedly finding a stolen RV that contained her belongings, which she wanted back.

Debit cards, credit cards, $600 and an engagement ring were reported stolen from a truck.

Someone allegedly asked a man sitting on a blanket on a neighbor’s property to move to the sidewalk and not bother the neighbors and heard him ramble and mention he was going to blow up Kalispell. He gathered his belongings and moved on.

A property manager reportedly wanted a group of people on the premises in a white motor home moved along. An officer counseled a woman, who reportedly had a history with police, and she said she would move the RV once she had a licensed driver.

Tenants and staff were allegedly very uncomfortable with a man hanging out by the side of the building in a green Ford that had a lot of garbage in the back. Someone told officers he carried a firearm and he had previously been told not to hang out there. Officers moved him along.

A woman reportedly heard third-hand about a middle-aged man driving her stolen blue Honda CRV. The vehicle was located off a road in the snow.

A woman allegedly thought someone stole her coats out of a community laundry but found them before police arrived.

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