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Law roundup: Dog relieving itself enrages man

by Daily Inter Lake
| January 24, 2023 12:00 AM

A woman’s dog was going potty when a man wearing a black mask, beanie and a green coat allegedly told her he would “kick her [expletive]” after making comments about people letting animals relieve themselves. He then went into a store, but approached her again while she was cleaning out her car. Feeling unsafe, she called the Kalispell Police Department a second time.

Two men in a lifted Dodge pickup with a Confederate flag sticker on the passenger side window allegedly assaulted a woman outside a location.

Someone was fearful of a man who allegedly purchased a shotgun after being arrested and had a revolver taken away. He kept sending them “unstable comments” about going to their residence and “dealing with it.”

Multiple versions of a fight reportedly involving 10 people outside a bar resulted in one unconscious man. The man, who had a laceration on the back of his head, was injured either by slipping or being struck and hitting his head on the ground.

A woman from out-of-state called authorities when someone allegedly pocket-dialed a friend and she heard a man beating a woman. Officers met the woman, who had a bloody nose, and provided her with a partner or family member assault form. They advised her to seek a restraining order.

A dog owner was reportedly argumentative with an officer checking in on an animal cruelty complaint. Angry that the officer was there, she initially refused to show the dog, but later reluctantly held it up in the air to show a well-fed chihuahua mix that appeared in good health.

A man wearing a light blue jacket and tan pants allegedly tried to get into a woman’s car while she was leaving for work. She said he wanted to use her phone and then asked her to call law enforcement about having frostbite on his foot. He reportedly claimed he “didn’t have much longer.” Officers made contact with the man who was lying in a snowbank.

A complaint about a large group of people gathered by a building and allegedly using drugs was deemed unfounded by police. The individuals were just waiting for a kitchen to open.

Someone thought it was weird to see an unattended backpack left near the backdoors of a building and called the police. They were unable to locate the suspicious bag.

A man reportedly pounded on a glass door for five minutes and said he was in extreme pain from a “nervous system breakdown” and asked for an ambulance. He then asked an ambulance to be canceled and told officers he didn’t need any assistance. Officers told him to move along when his leg felt better.

A swerving white van allegedly blew through a stop sign and pulled into a gas station.