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Law roundup: Sandwich artist can’t handle critique

by Daily Inter Lake
| January 29, 2023 12:00 AM

A customer allegedly asked an employee, who had been drinking, to remake a poorly made sandwich and she became confrontational about it, so another employee remade the sandwich. When the customer left, she followed and had to be restrained by another employee when she tried to fight them. Columbia Falls Police Department made contact with the woman who denied the allegations despite three people giving the same account of events.

A Columbia Falls elementary school principal reportedly requested an officer’s presence during morning drop-off after a teacher received a threatening voicemail. The principal said there had been previous incidents involving aggressive behavior.

A man and woman reportedly tried to steal a shot glass and someone thought she had other stolen items in her purse.

Kalispell Police Department responded to a call alleging that a bald, bearded man on a bicycle was hanging out across the street from a woman’s residence and kept staring at her and waving her over. Officers made contact with the man who was “just minding his own business.” She was told to call back if anything more suspicious occurred.

A woman allegedly went outside to “smoke her bud” and saw a small white pill. She told officers she believed two men put her prescription pills in the pipe while she wasn’t in their apartment. She was advised to stop spending time with them if she was concerned about their behavior.

A man was moved along and told he was no longer welcome at a business after he reportedly hung out in the lobby and was seen going into various offices.

A man claimed an officer slashed his tires and filled out a complaint at the police department.

A white van was spotted trespassing in a parking lot and wanted offices to issue a citation to the passengers. The van had reportedly broken down and a property manager gave them until the next morning to fix it and leave.

A neighborhood busybody alleged that people were “dropping trees in a dangerous way,” saying they weren’t using guide wires or safety harnesses. An officer responded and found the people had the equipment onsite.

A man with a motor home reportedly kept returning after being told “over and over” that he couldn’t camp in the parking lot.

A woman asked officers to help her get video from a store she was accused of stealing from.